The One & Only… ASSASSIN

“Love and respect the music. Identify where you want to go and work hard at continuing to develop yourself and your craft. And be true to yourself, do not compromise your values nor beliefs for anything.”- Assassin

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The Simple Truth of Sexless Relationships

It just doesn’t add up. On one hand we hear that people who live together have more sex than singles, yet we also know that the statistics on sexless marriages is on the rise. Now it could just be that we know much more about what goes on in marriages. Whatever the reason, the big surprise is that a majority of marriages end up being little more than friendships that had some sex, at some time.

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The Rockhouse Foundation

The Rockhouse Foundation transforms the places where Jamaica’s children learn and supports the people who teach them. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that its contributions to education are meaningful and long-lasting, through ongoing facility maintenance and on-site support. It employs early childhood specialists who deliver technical assistance and professional development for the faculty and staff of the Foundation’s early childhood schools. Since its inception, … Continue reading The Rockhouse Foundation