Quite Perry…The Quintessential Jamaican Comedian

Rohan Perry, 24 – more popularly known as social media sensation “Quite Perry” with over 242,000 Instagram followers and 146,000 fans on Facebook, Rohan has always had an innate knack for making people laugh. From the days of Meadowbrook High School to Utech, his comedic timing, infectious personality and relatable skits brought laughter and joy to people’s lives! Rohan’s motto has always been “I just want to make people laugh” and now he’s living his dream!

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A Few Leading Men of Jamaica

Not too long ago we asked our fans online to nominate the Jamaican men they felt were among the most influential and the response was overwhelming- Thank you for your feedback! We have a few clear winners with USAIN BOLT, ANDREW HOLNESS and CHRIS GAYLE leading the way. So from media to sports and business here are a few of Jamaica’s leading men as chosen by you the people…

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Designer Spotlight: Cassandra Blake

My name is Cassandra Blake and I am a final year fashion student at the Montego Bay Community College. My love for designing dates back over 20 years of sketching on pieces of paper. Today, I have amassed over a thousand designs and I’m still counting. As a former Jamaican Athlete, my life has been transformed by the choices I have made, including: to always follow my dreams, to set high standards and work towards them. 

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