Quite Perry…The Quintessential Jamaican Comedian

Rohan Perry, 24 – more popularly known as social media sensation “Quite Perry” with over 242,000 Instagram followers and 146,000 fans on Facebook, Rohan has always had an innate knack for making people laugh. From the days of Meadowbrook High School to Utech, his comedic timing, infectious personality and relatable skits brought laughter and joy to people’s lives! Rohan’s motto has always been “I just want to make people laugh” and now he’s living his dream!

For those who have no idea about what you do and why so many people love it…. how can you best describe it?
I get this euphoric feeling; whenever I put out my comedic videos. The love coupled with the support I get from my fans is tremendous! I think the most beautiful thing about the connection I have with my supporters is that I’m just being myself. I genuinely enjoy making people laugh and I think they can sense that through my videos. Its authentic, its real.

How did you begin your online career? Was it always a path you dreamt of taking?
Actually, one would call it “buck ups” – another would say its destiny. I’ll go with the latter. I actually used to do YouTube videos but in the words of my MOMager, they were a bit long-winded;she said look within so I re-grouped, re-focused and by God’s grace I put out my first 15 second comedy clip and ‘BAM’ there you have it. The video went viral, I started seeing all these followers coming in, people saying they love my work – it was quite the turn of events in my life, moments on could only dream of.

In 2008 at just 16 years of age, Rohan’s passion about the entertainment industry and the importance of the youth having a voice began his unwavering affiliation with the Youth View Awards. An avid social media enthusiast, he started blogging and vlogging in 2010 on YouTube in which he transitioned into a stint on CVM TV where he hosted a teen based show called a Teen Link which ran for two seasons.

It was is in 2012 when he won the Music Industry Achievers Award for Social Media Personality of the Year that it further solidified to him that not only did he have an online presence, but this is was his calling in life!

What is the best thing and worst thing about what you do?
I think with anything anybody does, you have pros and cons – but I choose to be grateful, I choose to accept the best and worst things that come with being a social media personality/comedian; for I could be doing something I didn’t love, in a environment that is toxic. It’s a great feeling waking up with the thought I make people laugh, I lift spirits and change lives through comedy everyday. What more could a brother ask for?

What advice would give to someone looking to become am influencer like you?
I would tell them the first three simple words, thats on every single social media platform I am on.. “Just Be Yourself”.

Rohan later went from PR to Social Media Marketing, to now full-time Online Comedian, Host, and Stand Up Comedian who’s looking to spread his wings to become a household brand as well as carry Jamaican comedy to the international market. Rohan mass market appeal has seen his relationship blossom with respected brands such as Ting (International), Smirnoff, Red Stripe, JPS, The Jamaica Observer, Respect Jamaica and more. Taking his talent even beyond online Rohan is now booked for standup shows both locally and international including Oceanstyle celebrity filled event in Montego Bay, private events including recently at Jamaica’s luxury hotel Moon Place Jamaica Grand, to Tempo Television 10th anniversary Caribbean Rocks celebrations at BB King Blues Club on 42nd Street in New York! We will say he’s definitely on his way to spreading his wings!

The Evolution of “Quite Perry” is wonderful to watch unfold as he genuinely smiles at every fan, is never too busy to take a picture or sign an autograph. Through all of this he never forgets to stop and reflect how far he’s come and how much further he is focused on going while thanking God every step of the way!

Did you ever expect it to be as successful as it has been? In the ever changing arena of digital media how will you stay relevant and ahead of the game?
To be honest, I was a bit uncertain as you know things have times and seasons, rhymes and reasons. The entertainment industry is fickle, you’re in today and out tomorrow. But I have to thank all my fans for their unwavering support, the love is real and I do intend on bringing more content to social media & from my lips to God’s ears – possibly bring it to late night television, afternoon radio, fan appreciation tours, or you never know perhaps the cherry on top, carry our flag and brand of humor worldwide!

How do you deal with trolls and cyberbullying?
I ignore them or introduce them to my very good friend called ‘BLOCKED’. I don’t have the time, nor is it worth it to focus on negative energy… life is too short.

Do you have a plan B in case all this fades away?
To be honest, its always good to have a plan B – but at this immediate moment I don’t. All my energy is now in plan A, so plan A betta work work work work work.

With companies incorporating more influencer marketing in their online strategy…how do you manage all these corporate brands want to connect with the audience through you? How do keep your authenticity while balancing the needs of companies?
I have to credit my management team on this, Karen Clarke is truly amazing as she allows me to express my comedic talents in what is required from any corporate brand, she gives me leeway, she fights for my right to remain true in what I do and ensures that both myself and the client are happy with end result at the end of the day. You have to remain authentic in what you’re doing, also learn when to compromise and relish in the fact that its okay sometimes to say “no”.

If you were not doing this…what else would you be into? Well, since we’re keeping it real here – I haven’t told anyone else this really, but I like to sing. I’ve had a suppressed passion for it as long as I can remember. So maybe if I was not doing this, I’d be writing or creating original music. Hey, you never know.

Come 2020, where will can we expect to see QP? Well, you can see me touring the world with my stand-up comedy show, you can catch me on TV with my very own late night show and you can see me on the big screen, yes I said it – buy your ticket at Carib from now, I’ll be on that screen and many more. Everything in divine order! 

Booking Inquiries /Management

Karen Clarke


1-876-908-3726 /1-876-474-0153

Interview by Tricia Williamson | Photography by Craig Harley

Photographed in ARRC StudioLighting by Adrian CrearyMakeup by Sophia Butler


A Few Leading Men of Jamaica

Not too long ago we asked our fans online to nominate the Jamaican men they felt were among the most influential and the response was overwhelming- Thank you for your feedback! We have a few clear winners with USAIN BOLT, ANDREW HOLNESS and CHRIS GAYLE leading the way. So from media to sports and business here are a few of Jamaica’s leading men as chosen by you the people…


Usain Bolt wears the PUMA evoSPEED
Usain Bolt wears the PUMA evoSPEED

Age: 29 years old

Industry: Sports

Title: Track Athlete/ Fastest Man In The World

He is electrifying, entertaining, legendary and charismatic. He is the best. With an ironic name like “Bolt” and a signature lightning bolt pose, Usain has struck a chord in the hearts of sports fans all around the world and has earned that legendary status that he has been hoping for. Bolt was born in Sherwood Content, Trelawny. He was an energetic and active child and displayed a natural ability for sports. Bolt’s journey to stardom started on the dirt tracks of the Waldensia Primary and William Knibb Memorial High Schools. He took a liking to cricket but coaches, on seeing his talent, encouraged him to focus his energy on athletics. Bolt ran at the Inter-Secondary Schools’ Boys and Girls Championships where he became the record holder of Class I in the 200 and 400 metres, with times of 20.25 and 45.35 seconds, respectively. Bolt became the youngest World Junior Champion at age 15, when he won the gold medal at the World Junior Championships in Kingston, Jamaica in 2002. A year later, he broke the World Junior record in the 200 metres at the World Youth Championships in Canada.

He became the first junior to run the 200 metres under 20 seconds at the CARIFTA Games held in Bermuda in 2004. Bolt’s fame heightened in 2008 when he beat Asafa Powell’s record of 9.74 in the 100 metres, setting a new world record of 9.72, at the Reebok Grand Prix Meet in New York. At the 2008 Olympics, Bolt broke new ground, winning the 100m in a shattering 9.69s and the 200m in a new world and Olympic record of 19.30s. Bolt broke another world and Olympic record with the Jamaican 4x100m relay team, a time of 37.10s. He was 22 years old. At the 2012 Olympics, Bolt retained his title in the 100m and 200m event where he won gold and set a new 100m record of 9.63s. Bolt was now, without a doubt, a legend. He has become the greatest track athlete ever. With million dollar endorsement deals with brands like Puma and Gatorade, he is the highest paid track athlete ever and the most marketable athlete in the world. In 2011, Bolt was awarded the honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD) degree by the University of the West Indies. He is also a recipient of the Order of Jamaica and the Order of Distinction awards from the Jamaican government and is now referred to as Dr. the Honourable Ambassador Usain Bolt.

Andrew Holness

Andrew Holness delivers his inaugural address after being sworn-in as Jamaica's ninth prime minister in Kingston October 23, 2011. At 39 years old, Holness is Jamaica's youngest prime minister and succeeds Bruce Golding, who resigned in the wake of events arising from the extradition of drug kingpin Christopher Coke in May 2010. REUTERS/Andrew P. Smith
Andrew Holness delivers his inaugural address after being sworn-in as Jamaica’s ninth prime minister in Kingston October 23, 2011. At 39 years old, Holness is Jamaica’s youngest prime minister and succeeds Bruce Golding, who resigned in the wake of events arising from the extradition of drug kingpin Christopher Coke in May 2010. REUTERS/Andrew P. Smith

Most Hon. Andrew Holness

Age: 43 years old

Industry: Politics

Title: Prime Minister of Jamaica

People consider this Prime Minister to be a breath of fresh air as he is the youngest Prime Minister in Jamaica’s history at 43 years old. The Most Honourable Andrew Michael Holness was born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine and attended the St. Catherine High School. He later attended the University of the West Indies and graduated with his Bachelors of Science degree in Management Studies. Being born to working class parents, Holness understood the struggle of having to work for what one wanted and was passionate about helping Jamaicans. He served as Executive Director in the Voluntary Organization for Uplifting Children from 1994 to 1996 and then joined the Premium Group of Companies, as a special assistant to Edward Seaga. In 1997, He was elected as to be the MP of West Central St. Andrew at 25 years old. Holness found his passion in politics when he became cabinet minister of Education for the JLP. Under his watch, Jamaica saw the introduction of the Career Advancement Programme, the start of institutions such as the Jamaica Teaching Council, the National Education Trust, the National Education Inspectorate, National College for Education Leadership, the Centres of Excellence Programme and the Alternative Secondary Transition Education Programme (ASTEP) all designed to help student and teachers in Jamaica’s education system. He succeeded Bruce Golding as leader of the JLP and Prime Minister in October 2011 but lost in the December elections that year. On February 25, 2016, the JLP won the general elections and Andrew Holness became Jamaica’s ninth Prime Minister.

Chris Gayle

Age: 36 years old

Industry: Sports

Title: Cricketer

The self-proclaimed “Universe Boss” has made quite an impact on the cricket world. Chris Gayle is no doubt a force and a bit of an entertainer, at times, on the cricket pitch. Gayle made his international cricketing debut at just 19 years old playing for Jamaica. Now at 36 years old, his batting skills, physique, timing along with his charismatic personality has gotten him a barrage of admirers around the world. Gayle had a slow start to his international career, but in 2002, he ended the year with three centuries and became the third West Indian to score over 1,000 runs in a calendar year, along with greats like Sir Vivian Richards and Brian Lara. Since then, he has set numerous records and has signified his name in the cricket world. In 2012, he became the first player to hit a six off the first ball of a Test match. He also scored a 30-ball century, which became the highest individual T20 score. He is one of only four players who have scored two triple centuries at Test level and opened the popular restaurant in Jamaica, appropriately named ‘Triple Century’. Chris Gayle captained the West Indies’ Test side from 2007 to 2010. He plays domestic cricket for Jamaica, and also represents the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. His impressive career and charm is the reason why people all over the world come out to watch him play. He loves what he does and always remains true to himself whether you like it or not.


Age: 47 years old

Industry: Music

Title: Reggae Artiste

Shaggy is an international reggae superstar. With songs such as “It Wasn’t Me” and “Mr. Bombastic”, current chart blazer “Don’t You Need Somebody”. Shaggy has made a name for himself, internationally and is credited as one of the artistes to showcase Jamaican music on the world stage. There is no doubt that this former military personnel and Grammy award winning artist has had a fulfilling music career. Shaggy started the Shaggy ‘Make A Difference’ Foundation to help children in Jamaica and the region. The annual Shaggy and Friends concert also raises money for the Bustamante Hospital for Children.


Age: 35 years oldIndustry: PoliticsTitle: Politician
Young, passionate and very outspoken are just some of the words that are used to describe Damion Crawford. He has always been a natural born leader, from his days at UWI School of Hospitality in Bahamas where he was the Guild President. Crawford, who earned his Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Tourism Management, remained passionate about Education. He served two terms as the PNPYO’s President and started numerous tutoring initiatives for high school students in his area and also lectured at UWI Mona. A former Minister of State for Entertainment and Tourism; he is now the host of his own radio programme on NationWideRadio aptly titled “Straight Forward”.


Age: 63 years old

Industry: Financial Services

Title: Chief Financial Officer/Chairman

Richard Byles is quite a powerful man in the business, financial and insurance sector in Jamaica. Being the President and CEO of Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited, Co-chairman of the Economic Programme Oversight Committee, the Chairman of the Board of Desnoes and Geddes as well as Pan Caribbean Financial services; this man pretty much does it all. He holds great financial responsibility in partnership with the Government of Jamaica, part of with includes the oversight of the current agreement with the IMF.


Age: 27 years old

Industry: Media

Title: Journalist

When he tweets #WatchThisSpace, his thousands of online viewers clench to their devices waiting for him to break the next big story. Abka has been excelling since age 12. At that time, he was celebrating his success in six GCE and CSEC subjects including Mathematics and English. As a senior reporter at Nationwide Radio in Jamaica, this young journalist has gained popularity and become one of the most credible reporters in Jamaica and the region. He scored the first exclusive interview with the Most Honourable Andrew Holness as Prime Minister of Jamaica. Jamaicans, both local and overseas, look to this Kingston College/ Fortis fanatic for news on what’s happening in Jamaica and across the world. Simply, “If Abka didn’t tweet it, it didn’t happen”.


Age: 63 years old

Industry: Media/Sports

Title: Journalist/Football Coach

As once a part of the dynamic duo of Simon and Neville on TVJ’s ‘Smile Jamaica’; the ever so charming Neville “Bertis” Bell woke up Jamaicans every morning with his hilarious personality and crazy antics. Still on Smile Jamaica, but now with female counterparts, Neville Bell has a special place in the hearts of Jamaicans. He has had an impressive media career spanning over two decades. Neville Bell is also associated with sports being an expert commentator on football and the head coach of his Alma Mater- St. George’s College’s football team.


Age: 35 years old

Industry: Business/Entrepreneurship

Title: Chief Executive Officer

With a father named “Butch Stewart”, it is easy to see why Adam Stewart is well known. This business maven has stepped out of his father’s shadow and made quite a name for himself. Adam was born and raised in Jamaica and graduated Florida International University with a degree in Hospitality Management. Stewart is now the CEO of Sandals Resort International, which has resorts all over the Caribbean region. Stewart is also the CEO of the ATL Group. Adam launched ATL Automotive and they are now master dealers for BMW’s and MINI in Jamaica and across the Caribbean.


Age: 27 years old

Industry: Music

Title: Dancehall Artiste

Dancehall artist Popcaan has always been a star on the rise. From being under Vybz Kartel’s wing in the “Gaza Empire”, every dancehall fan knew he was special. Popcaan is now a certified star. Now running his own camp “Unruly Entertainment” and being a part of Drake’s “OVO Music”, Popcaan has taken dancehall to new heights. Popcaan’s debut album “Where We Come From” put him on the map as one of dancehall’s best new generation artists and with international collabs with Drake and Young Thug under his belt; and recently winning Red Bull’s Culture Clash with MixPak in the UK- he has no intentions of slowing down.


Age: 66 years old

Industry: Athletics

Title: Coach

Glen Mills, O.D., is a sprinting athletics coach from Jamaica. He was the head coach of the Jamaican Olympic athletics team between 1987 and 2009. He is currently head coach of the Racers Track Club which includes world and Olympic record holder Usain Bolt and the 100 metre World Champion Yohan Blake. Other athletes that he has coached in the past included Kim Collins, and Ray Stewart.

For the full list, check out the Summer 2016 Issue of PANACHE


Designer Spotlight: Cassandra Blake

Designs by Cassandra Blake
Designs by Cassandra Blake

“Hardships in life have refined me into the woman that I am today. I never gave up. My passion is what keeps me alive. My name is Cassandra Blake and I am a final year fashion student at the Montego Bay Community College. My love for designing dates back over 20 years of sketching on pieces of paper. Today, I have amassed over a thousand designs and I’m still counting.

As a former Jamaican Athlete, my life has been transformed by the choices I have made, including: to always follow my dreams, to set high standards and work towards them. I know how it feels to be hungry, to have failed after great attempts to achieve success, and I know how it feels to be homeless. I was brought up in a single parent home in the community of Flankers. My father raised me in the best possible way that he was able to. My mother was never around. Her absence during my childhood development affected me negatively. I lacked a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. Most parents don’t realized that a mother is the root of a child’s upbringing. As a result of being brought up in a house with constant verbal and physical abused I have found it hard to understand the definition of “love”.

Designs by Cassandra Blake
Designs by Cassandra Blake

Sketching was what kept me “zoned out” from my actual reality, it gave me hope. It still keeps me grounded. My inspiration mostly comes from within. The styles I create, evolve from visions of what I see myself wearing. They emulate my personality. I never imagined 7 years ago that I would be pursuing a career in designing. I have followed my instincts, my dreams and my heart believed in ME. I would like to encourage youths of this generation, in the importance of having a skill and an education. I want to give them hope by letting them know that it’s ok to “dream big” and to set high standards, always aiming for the best.
Success comes when you refuse to give up….when you find your passion, set a goal and work for it. All you have to do is to believe in your abilities to excel for a better life.”- Cassandra Blake, FASHION DESIGNER |P|

Take 5 and Make Your Relationship Sizzle

Dr. Karen Carpenter, Relationship & Sex Therapist
Dr. Karen Carpenter, Relationship & Sex Therapist

Take five, a famous jazz tune that many of us know just from listening to it on so many occasions. But today I want us to take a journey through the five senses; sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. This journey is a way to put sparkle back into your relationships.
Starting with the sense of sight, a great way to pick up the pace is to prepare the traditional candle light dinner for just you and your partner, but for a change get all dressed up and stay in. Yes, dine with your partner with both of you looking your very best. You would be surprised what a treat this could be. Delight in your partner’s well groomed appearance and let him have something to complement in you too.
Smell, is probably the most vibrant of our senses. Use it to create an exciting evening together. Gather up five of your partner’s favourite scents. Ask him or her to shower and lie face down on a towel. Now create a line of dots going down his spine to the base. Each dot should be a different fragrance. Now gently use your fingertips to blend these smells together, starting from the base and moving in semi-circles onto the back. By the time you get to the base of the neck, not only will the room be filled with the most amazing aroma, but your partner should now be both relaxed and aroused. Enjoy the rewards.
Taste can also change our mood from mildly interested to salivating with desire. Prepare a tray of bite-sized portions of foods such as: cheesecake; rum dipped chocolate cherries, mango, cooling ice cream or sorbet. Ask your partner’s permission to blindfold them then feed them delectable treats with your fingers. Ask her to describe each taste. Make sure the portions are small enough to finish in one bite and select melt-in your- mouth foods. You can repeat flavours, mixing them to add novelty. Add some kisses for full effect.
Sound is another wonderful way of communicating your love. Take some quality time together. Create a playlist of your partner’s favourite love songs and lie in bed together and listen to the songs. Sing along and cuddle as you reminisce about the first time you heard these songs together.
Touch is tantalizing for many people. So here’s the final touch on the journey through the five senses. Prepare a bubble bath for you and your partner. Get out some wine or your favourite drink, served in wine glasses and spend a leisurely half hour sponge bating each other. Just talking to each other uninterrupted can be a wonderful, sensuous gift. This is a perfect moment to bring all five senses together with music in the background and fragrances and bite sized treats waiting to tempt all the other senses. It really doesn’t cost a lot to be romantic. It simply takes a little imagination and time. |P|

By Dr. Karen Carpenter, Relationship & Sex Therapist

Is Jamaica’s Music Culture being Used and Abused?

Over the years the U.S. Pop Culture has been heavily influenced by Reggae and DanceHall music. While this has been mutually beneficial for both cultures – U.S and Jamaica, it has mostly benefitted the former one. International artistes undoubtedly have an undying love for Jamaica’s music genres producing hits such as “The Jam” featuring Shabba Ranks and KRS-One, “Ghetto Story: Chapter 2” with Cham and Grammy-winning R&B singer Alicia Keys and “Baby Boy” featuring Sean Paul and Beyonce which launched Beyonce’s solo career and landed Sean with a Grammy for his album in 2004. There is just something about our music that leaves artistes across the world with a burning passion, a passion so wild that it has forced local and international artistes to collaborate and produce great hits.

However, though there is love for our island’s music some international artistes have foregone employing the assistance of our local artistes and have produced hits with a flavour of reggae and/or dancehall by themselves. Some of which are “Rude” by Magic! which ascended to No. 1 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 music chart, “Controlla” featuring Drake, “Work” by Rihanna featuring Drake, “Gun Shot” by Nicki Minaj and a host of others.
While the recognition is excellent for our music industry there have been incidents where international artistes have utilized the crafts of some of our locals and have failed to give them credit on the big screen. The most recent unfortunate incident stemmed between international star, Drake and local artiste, Popcaan. The single “Controlla” which moved up from No. 23 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart to No. 20 has sparked a controversy in the dancehall industry. Upon the release of Drake’s album, “Views”, fans especially those of the Jamaican artiste noticed that Popcaan’s verse had been erased and replaced with a sample of Beenie Man while keeping the reggae flow.

It would be an understatement to say that Drake had been heavily influenced by the Jamaican culture in the creation of this work. With his album doing very well on the music scene, Jamaican artistes may now be hesitant to share their craft with the star or other international artistes even. Some artistes have even openly expressed dissatisfaction at Drake’s actions towards their own. The Jamaican people are very disheartened as this would have definitely been the big break that Popcaan had hoped for. Moreover, what about that “One Dance” dub Drake did for Popcaan at the Red Bull Culture Clash in London? Does this mean that it is now ‘water under the bridge’ for the two? Though Popcaan won the competition he was still dissed by the artiste after his verse was edited from “Controlla”. Will the dub be officially released as a peace offering to Popcaan and by large the Jamaican people? I think not.

In the meantime it should be highlighted that this was not the first time the Canadian rapper, had worked with a dancehall artiste. In April 2010 Mavado starred as a gangster in Drake’s single “Find Your Love” still there was no credit given to our local artiste. Should we assume that the rapper has now built for himself an infamous reputation with the Jamaican music industry?
Fortunately, dancehall artiste Mavado has made strides in his career. In September of 2011 the artiste signed a deal with DJ Khaled’s record label We the Best Music Group. Mavado since then has produced hits such as “Emergency” and “Survivor” featuring Ace Hood and Akon respectively on the record label. This has put Jamaica’s craft on the map once more.

On the flip side, Drake has made music history in the U.K topping the singles chart with his song “One Dance” featuring Wizkid and Kyla. The single is the longest running No. 1 song in 22 years on the U.K. singles chart surpassing 12 weeks. Prior to this, the last single to spend as many as 12 weeks on the chart was Wet Wet Wet’s 1994 single “Love Is All Around”. Similarly, in the United States “One Dance” is holding the No. 1 position on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 12 weeks and counting. No hard feelings, but we wish Drake all the best in his endeavours.
Thankfully, over the years our island has produced grammy – winning artistes such as Sean Paul, Shaggy, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley, Ziggy Marley, Morgan Heritage and many others. These artistes have represented Jamaica very well at the international level and serve as reminders as to why the U.S Pop culture is heavily influenced by our music and our culture at large. |P|

By Chrystal Smith, Social Media Editor

Frame of Reference

Frame of Reference (FoR) is a post-production company that is renowned for delivering exceptional video editing and color gradingservicesto our clients. We strive to be the best post-production house in the Caribbean and by extension the World. We provide video editing and color grading for television shows, commercials, music videos, documentaries, movies and recently expanded our services into photo editing and grading.Our services are geared for several markets, including television stations, corporate, ad agencies, video production companies, film directors and producers. We are not seasonal based and thus our services are offered throughout the year. With our unique style of editing and our diversity in color grading, we attract clients who choose to entrust FoR to handle all of their affairs.

The Beginning… Frame of Reference is co-founded and operated by Twain Richardson and Fonnique Miller since August 2012. Twain leads the team daily as the head of creative. Fonnique manages the day to day operations and ensures that the building doesn’t fall from beneath our feet. We started out with a laptop and a deposit from our first client. The client was very concerned about giving us the project but we asked for a deposit and used that deposit to purchase some equipment and spent countless hours completing the project. It was very rough starting out but we managed to beat all the odds.

Why the choice to focus solely on post production- why not do filming as well? Everyone with a camera is doing production and we realized that no one in the Caribbean is doing solely post production. We believe in applying a laser like focus in anything you do and so we started FoR with the aim of providing solely post production to the caribbean and by extension the world.

With video being king and a leading trend in digital media. Where do you see the industry going? Video is here to stay. It’s one of the quickest and easiest mediums to show a demonstration or bring your point across. The attention span of online users is short and a intriguing video can separate you from your competition and others in your industry. More people are on the go as they watch online videos from their smartphone and don’t want to waste time reading text. So It’s safe to say that video marketing will soon be the norm of advertising.

Where do you see the company going in five (5) years? In five years we see ourselves as the leading post production company in the Caribbean. With video becoming the norm, FoR is positioned at a very central point in the video industry, shooting a video is one thing, but giving it that creative spark is what will set it apart and that’s what we specialize in.

Who are some of the major clients you have done work for? We’ve done post production for some of the major Tv Shows out of Jamaica. For the past 5 seasons of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, Digicel Rising Stars as well asThe Wray and Nephew Contender, we’ve done the post process.  Our clientele has also included The Innovators and The Caribbean’s Next Top Model.

We’ve collaborated with Directors/Producers like Ras Kassa, Jay Will, Carleene Samuels, Aldain Reid, Asha Mchail, Tsehai, Tyson Mayhew, Nile Saulter, Brian St Juste, Franklyn St Juste and Tony Fisher. We’ve done work with The Jamaica Tourist Board, ARRC Media, UNICEF, PANACHE, LiquidLight and many others. Name the best directors/producers from Jamaica and the Caribbean and we’ve worked with them before.

What is the best and worst thing about your line of work? The best thing about what we do is that it teaches you patience. There’s no worst thing about what we do, we love putting smiles on our clients faces.

What is the one thing you wish people knew about video post production? That it’s not as simple as you think it is. We generally have to educate new clients on the process, we don’t mind doing it but we find that a lot of persons think that you press two buttons and your job is done. To the client it seems that way and that’s partly because of the systems we have in place at FoR, but at times it is a very painstaking process. If it was that easy then everyone would be doing it.|P|

For more info, visit: http://www.forpostprod.com

Best Bars of Jamaica- Ribbiz Ultra Lounge

We recently caught up with Kamal Bankay and had a tete-a-tete about Ribbiz Ultra Lounge, our pick this issue as one of the Best Bars In Jamaica.
Can you please tell us more about Ribbiz? The history, where it all started, the vision for it…
Ribbiz started as a meeting of minds of three businessmen who all have a love for bars, food, beautiful people and entertainment generally.

(From left) Don Creary, “Ribbi” and Kamal

When people hear the name what is the one thing you would want it to be known for?
We want to be known as the ultimate place to come and celebrate! From having a great day at work, to celebrating your birthday to the ultimate night out with your best friends.

Ribbiz uses a lot of social media effectively. How would you say social media has an impact on your brand and the experience you deliver?
Social media is the primary tool of communication for Ribbiz. This is how we communicate who we are and what we do every day and night of the week. We run promotions, say thanks and inspire people to be amazing with every post.


From #TacoThursdays to #WingsandBeerWednesdays… what is your most popular themed night of the week and why?
Tuesday night… #GirlsNightOut! We love to host and celebrate the ladies, do I need to say more?…plus there’s 2 for 1 pizza and barefoot wine specials #win

Ribbiz has one of the best bar service around town- what’s the secret behind that?
We start with great bartenders that have a winning personality then we add a bit of Ribbiz signature culture, our special twist on service and you have a winning recipe.

A personal PANACHE favourite is #BigPeopleSundays with amazing DJs like DJ Courtney. Describe for our readers who don’t know – what Big People Sundays is all about and why this series has been so successful in packing the house every Sunday?
BIG PEOPLE SUNDAYS -It’s a theme we created to celebrate all the rich music culture we love from years gone by. Nostalgia takes center stage as we get transported to the best times of our past coupled with our award winning food and drinks – you can’t lose!

Beyond wings and beer, you also do amazing culinary delights from pastas, gourmet pizzas, Char Sui Pigtails to Skewered Shrimp with Johnny Walker Sauce. How do you come to decide what hits the menu?
From we opened this establishment our menu has been constantly evolving. We started with 4 items and gradually began experimenting with dishes and our “regulars” guide us with their palette. Our food is constant innovation!

On Trip Advisor, you are described as the “Best of the Best” and having “Excellent food and dependable entertainment” …. So tell us, what is the best Ribbiz moment a patron has ever shared with you?
We have had the honour of being the chosen place where a man decided to propose and make a lucky lady his fiancé. The entire bar came to a standstill and celebrated with the lucky couple (after she said yes of course).

What type of people does Ribbiz attract or appeal to? From the prime minister himself to a regular blue collar worker to Usain bolt to Lady Saw. We welcome everyone as long as they adhere to the dress code 🙂

What is the best thing about Ribbiz you wish more people knew? That we are open for lunch everyday with the same award winning food drinks and service that people enjoy at nighttime!

In your own words, why are you one of the best bars in Jamaica? The people…the people are our biggest treasure. The regulars- our beloved patrons, the staff of Ribbiz- from our servers to bartenders to kitchen staff and porters and stewards and especially the DJs. They make up our family that creates an atmosphere and an energy in our space that is unlike anywhere else you may ever visit.