Trinidad’s Las Cuevas Beach Receives 3rd Blue Flag Certification

For the third consecutive year, Trinidad & Tobago’s Las Cuevas Beach Facility has been recognized with Blue Flag Certification by the Blue Flag International Jury. The certification is awarded to beach and marina facilities that meet a strict criteria of water quality, environmental management, the provision of environmental education and information and the provision of safety and security services.
Blue Flag is an internationally-recognized, voluntary environmental award presented to organizations and facilities that reach the appropriate level of environmental management and education in respect of their beaches and marinas. In Trinidad & Tobago, the Blue Flag program is coordinated by Asclepius Green, a local non-governmental organization (NGO), and the Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC) in an effort to ensure sustainable development of the sector and the proper management of human impacts on the environment, while ensuring high levels of visitor satisfaction.

At Blue Flag beaches like Las Cuevas, there are dedicated management committees set up to conduct environmental audits of the site and its facilities. The committee is also responsible for ensuring that nearby habitats, such as nesting leatherbacks in Las Cuevas, are protected and managed sustainably. In addition, there is a twelve-member National Jury comprised of representatives of various organizations throughout Trinidad & Tobago. The Tourism Development Company continues to work with Asclepius Green and the 12-member National Blue Flag Jury to ensure the beach maintains its acquired status and continues to work on the establishment of other Blue Flag beaches within the dual-island nation.


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