In July 2015, Davian and Randy McLaren started Bresheh Enterprises on their verandah, with one machine and big dreams. In just over a year, they have made and sold some 2,000 bags. Together, the brothers are pursuing their joint dream of using their talents and enterprise as a force for good.

Photography by ARRC

Bresheh designs and manufactures a range of high-quality products, beginning with bags. Bresheh bags are locally made and 100% customizable, allowing customers to choose the design, size, colours and materials used, add names as well as logos. Bresheh products are a platform to share positive messages. Additionally, Bresheh offers after sales support to guarantee their customers’ ongoing satisfaction, this includes refurbishing, repairs and trade in.

Bresheh is an enterprise with a social mission. Apart from providing jobs for the youth and others, swing tags will be included in each bag sold, giving information on different key sustainable development areas. They have also given back in the form of scholarships as well as via donations to students in need of proper bags for school. As an environmentally friendly organization, they use off cuts to make smaller products as well as recycled denim to make bags.|P|

Shop these Jamaican handmade bags today. Find them @pickbresheh on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Email: or call at 1-876-893-9713

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