Sea Cliff Resort & Restaurant

by Latoya Jones | Photography by Sea Cliff Restaurant and Resort

Perched on a cliffside in Portland is the most picturesque little restaurant and hotel you probably have ever seen this side of the island, aptly called “Sea Cliff Restaurant and Resort.”
It is about 10 minutes outside of Portland Town and both the scenery to get there and the view once you have gotten there are to die for.  Truthfully, from the street, it doesn’t look like much, but a walk around to the back of the property that houses the restaurant is where the magic happens.

A Hidden Gem In Portland

There are these little wooden benches and tables that allows the weary wanderer the simple pleasure of just gazing off into the horizon as they overlook the sea. After a few minutes of just sitting there, and allowing myself to be still, I toyed with the idea of quitting my job back in busy Kingston and moving to Portland to become a writer. If J.K Rowling could drum up the Harry Potter books whilst on a delayed train, the possibilities of what I could produce sitting at this sweet little spot with a bar, less than 5 feet away were endless.

It was quite by chance that I happened upon this locale. I was in Portland for a work trip as a part of a very large group and we were in need of a pocket friendly eatery that could satisfy the cravings of a highly diverse team.

Seacliff came to our rescue. In one word, the menu is eclectic. On it, one can find something for even the pickiest eater. The food ranges from Jamaican, to Mediterranean to Japanese, with its Sushi offerings.  The food was tasty and overall, to our liking. The oohs and aahs came when dessert was served-a mixture of cake and ice cream that turned the composed party of adults into giddy children upon sight. After dinner, we got a tour of the Seacliff Resort, which has a farm to table concept and is a complex (of sorts) with a set of about 15 rooms per building. The rooms are tastefully designed and decorated and have balconies that overlook the sea. It is the kind of place you go to to unplug and recharge so you can return to the world a better person.

All in all, the food and the service is good, the proprietor- Mr. Brett Hannah was very accommodating of our large and sometimes demanding party.  I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone passing through Portland or looking for something different to do.
They are located at Ross Craig, Long Bay P.O, Portland and may be contacted at 876.860-1394-5 |P|

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