PANACHE Charity Bracelets

Our Cause

The PANACHE Charity Collection was inspired years ago by founder Tricia Williamson through her work with creative industries in Jamaica and seeing the need of local charities for support. This collection was created to give back to several causes in Jamaica, theses will include but are not limited to: supporting the fight to end violence against women and children; autism; environmental causes; cancer awareness; education and women’s causes.

All works of art in the Charity Collection are made by Jamaican/Caribbean designers. With a minimum of 10% of all sales being donated to respective charities annually.

PANACHE Charity Bracelets

Every PANACHE Charity bracelet is beautifully handcrafted in Jamaica and made from the highest quality beads sourced from around the world.

The PANACHE Charity Collection will expand into apparel, designer bags, jewellery and more… As the Trusted Voice on Caribbean Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle we are supporting the local creative industry while giving back to our people in ways that impact and serve as a force for good.

The three PANACHE Charity bracelets featured here are in our “Fight Against Violence” collection. Bracelets feature these stones hand selected from Europe and made in Jamaica:

 Tiger’s Eye – This is a stone of protection that is very stabilizing and grounding. It is a powerful stone that aids clarity, harmony, and balance. 

 Black Agate- Grounding and protective crystal that gives inner strength, courage and attracts good fortune. 

Red Jade – This is the most passionate and stimulating of the various jade colors. It is a stone of life-force that brings a sense of peace, wisdom, and love


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PANACHE Charity Bracelet

Meet The Designer- Simone DaCosta

Our PANACHE Charity bracelets were handmade in Jamaica by Simone DaCosta of Happi Beads & Linx, find them on Instagram @happibeads_linx or email at

Simone is a creative and sensitive soul. Her zeal for happiness, success, and love is phenomenal as she exemplifies a passion for living. She describes herself as a hunter for happiness and everything good that the world has to offer. As an artist, she is a complex human being with a result driven personality. Even though she is shy, she allows her designs to speak on her behalf.

Learn more about her To Live, To Love, To Laugh Handmade Bracelets for men and women and her passion for her work online on PANACHE at


Chillin` at Chilitos

Team PANACHE received the most amber-warm Chilitos welcome from co-owner, Christopher Boxe and Chief Brand Officer, Natalie Nash at their new location on 88 Hope Road.  A place with an open feel, vibrant colors and warm accent pieces- Chilitos feels almost totally outdoors, but also has that relaxed kind of Caribbean meets Central American semi-enclosed cuddle.  Wooden decor spiced with contrasting accent burnt orange and pops of vibrant tones- all meeting the eye like an architectural manifestation of the flavours and colours of the meals you’d find on their Jamexican menu.  A space that makes it difficult for you to decide to grab your meal as take-out. The ambiance tempts you to stay and comfortably get a morning snack on tacos in your pajamas, go for Quesadilla brunch, lunch, post midday snack, or Burritos for dinner and Margaritas, Tequila shots, Rum or bottles of beer for whenever it’s five o’clock somewhere in the world.

Chilitos was established in 2007 by The Carby Family (Julio, Nadia & Loraine). The previous location was a gracefully aged house. One you’d imagine seeing in New Orleans, with a charm as rare as the Jamexican concept- almost as if it was built and aged like wine, predestined to someday become the first home of Chilitos.

Ten years later (my, my…time flies) Chilitos, under the leadership of Christopher Boxe and Craig Hammond, continues to not just thrive, but dig deeper roots. The restaurant is poised to sprout new branches- spreading that under-the-tree, lay-in-hammock feeling that is open to anyone who wishes to part-take. An organization proud to provide a familial kind of service to anyone, from whatever walk of life. This is the keystone around which the company’s tone, brand and essential vibe took form.  Christopher Boxe avers that the embodiment of Chilitos is a master blend which aged and took flavour organically- the decor and feel from the first location at (64 Hope Road), swirled with the energies of the myriad of customers and events that have passed through over the years, with a dash of the maturity that came with the customers who have been there for the past 10 years- meets the new customers who come in every new day. The company has taken shape, like a live being- taking shape based on its journey.  The new space still has some aesthetics brought from the old location with a more modern space and open layout. Boxe, who is a foodie and a chef in his own right is inspired to keep expanding the range of offerings.  Adding to the already dynamic blend of Jamexican dishes.

An interesting fact about this restaurant is that the organization is big on supporting local farmers. All the ingredients used in the products are sourced from local farmers.  Every lettuce, tomato, pepper, lime…everything but the tacos, wraps, and meats. This Boxe indicated allows the restaurant to maintain its accessibility by keeping prices as reasonable as possible by eliminating the “middle man”- while also building the local/ small farmers. Knowing that the fresh veggies Team PANACHE enjoyed in the jerked chicken tacos and other selections we absolutely enjoyed came from a small farmer, made us even more delighted to dine at Chilitos.

The team at Chilitos has established an outreach program at the Glenhope Children’s Home on Maxfield Avenue.  A programme which stemmed from the managing team deciding one day that it would have been a wonderful idea to do Sunday dinner for the Children resulted in a bond being melded- resulting in what has now become regulated visits of activities and treats.

As the organization grows- emphasis on the team being human- focusing on empathy, compromise and kindness remain at the fore of their attitude and what they believe will set them apart from many in the Jamaican food/ hospitality industry.|P


Each day lends itself to us to venturing into deeper discovery of ourselves and the world around us. Experiences that once seemed random, coincidental or even meaningless may impact you in ways that confirm that everything happens for a reason as “…a guide from beyond” to quote Rumi. These scenarios act as catalysts for life to unfold the way it should- for greater good. Whether we acknowledge and accept it, our lives are shared, not just happening to each of us- we are all intertwined and connected in a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Almost everyone I meet or observe and the associated experience have some kind of deeper impact. The impact sends my mind wandering (not wondering) if there is a universe unfolding beneath my surfaces, what happens beneath theirs?

In an article written by Niel de la Rouviere- The Curious Case of the word Sonder, it is defined as “… the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.”

So we set out to speak with random passersby and even some persons I see from time to time but know nothing about, despite their mild and sometimes profound impact on my life experience from day to day.

I have been absolutely in love with Cafe Blue in Irish Town for years. Over the years, as it’s grown- the experience and ambiance have continued to become more magical- every time! One of the most wonderful parts of my moments spent there is being greeted by Sharon.  Anyone who visits Cafe Blue in Irish Town would have met Sharon.  From interacting with her in those short moments, I’d wonder what her story must be like- so here it is.   Sharon Georges moved to Irish Town some fourteen years ago.  When asked what she loves most about her life- I could feel sudden warmth in the air, and I noticed the glossy film in her eyes, behind her glasses lenses as she said “my kids”.  Sharon is the mother of two, Jhenell & Jamero Ho-On.  Her two children who she raised on her own for the past seventeen years after being abondoned by their father.  In the midst of moments of struggle- Sharon described how she managed to support her children, giving them the best life she could. A life filled with happiness, dreams and love.  Jhenell is now a student at the University of Baltimore on a scholarship, and Jamero is a student at Camperdown High, in Kingston.

Seeing Sharon smile and walk around in a space that is nothing less than majestic- it is clear that she enjoys what she does.  Despite the typical ups and downs that will always come along with work- Sharon, who has been in the service industry for over fourteen years says she really enjoys meeting new people every day- people from all walks of life and cultures. She highlighted how impactful the exchanges of smiles and warm gestures with customers are on her- where she ends each day feeling satisfied.

I can never end a deep interaction without asking someone what their passion is.  I asked Sharon “What would you do if you could do anything in the world right now?”  With excitement in her eyes and a sunbeam daydreaming smile on her face, she stated gently- “Design and Dressmaking”.  She explains that she does it in her free time and makes a lot of her own clothing.

It is so beautiful- the fact that everyone you see has their own dreams and aspirations, struggles, accomplishments, love, and triumphs- we all have a story. Exploring Our Sonder explores the truth that inspiring stories are not confined to the corporate spaces- not confined to the realms of those who have arrived.  Exploring Our Sonder allows us to find revelation in every stranger we encounter on our journey.

Explore it!|P

40 homes to be built by Food For The Poor Jamaica

Forty poverty-stricken families will have the comfort of new two-bedroom houses from Food For The Poor (FFP) Jamaica later this year, thanks to donations committed thus far by individuals, companies and others during the charity organisation’s third annual 5K Run/Walk held on May 13 at Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica.

At the Run/Walk event, Andrew Mahfood, Chairman of FFP Jamaica announced that the charity intends on constructing 100 houses from the event and they are grateful for the 40 houses already committed.

“When you hear us say that we want to build 100 homes, that’s just a drop in the bucket. We need to build 10,000 houses, because there are tens of thousands of Jamaicans who we have seen and are now on our waiting list who are desperately in need of houses,” Mahfood passionately said.

Mahfood strongly believes the goal of constructing 100 houses from the event will be achieved as persons and organisations are still committing to the 5K.

Over 100 houses have been built since 2015 from funds raised during the two previous 5K Run/Walk events.

Mahfood said, “Food For The Poor Jamaica is extremely grateful for the support received. No charity can survive without the support system of their nation. We are happy that individuals, the private and public sectors, groups from all 14 parishes across, members of our diaspora and people living outside of Jamaica, decided to support us through contributions, pledges and donations through the internet.”
Marsha Burrell-Rose, Marketing Manager, FFP Jamaica, announced that: National Bakery, Jamaica Public Service, National Commercial Bank, ReMax, Black Ink Marketing & Events Solution Limited, First Caribbean Bank, Red Stripe, Running Events, Rototech, Supreme Ventures, Zoukie, Hi Pro, Rotary Club and Cornwell Bankers, have committed houses from corporate Jamaica. Other donors include: Yohan Blake, and Michael Hylton.

All funds committed by these persons and organisations were matched equally by Food For The Poor Florida.
In 2015, approximately 842 houses were constructed by FFP Jamaica. While other houses were constructed by other Food For The Poor organisations in Latin America and Caribbean countries including Trinidad & Tobago, Honduras, St Vincent, Guyana, Haiti, Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua.
Food For The Poor, one of the largest international relief and development organisations, started in Jamaica in 1983 with the objective of distributing food items through churches, but have now expanded to address housing, education, health care, prison ministry, agriculture and social outreach.|P

The Hidden Gem of Caribbean Music Festivals is A Must See!

The Pure Grenada Music Festival is the hidden gem of the Caribbean’s Jazz and Music Festivals. The picturesque venue of Port Louis was the perfect setting for this intimate music experience which delivered a truly world class festival. Many a music festivals across the region have grown so big that some argue they have lost their vision. However, Pure Grenada Music Festival distinguishes itself from the pack with a keen focus on the purity of live music. From Roots & Culture, to Love & Soul and Pure Spice rhythm and beats, this festival is a melting pot of different genres of music perfectly blending local and international acts.

A Musical Experience Not To Be Missed

This year’s lineup featured three days of “Great Music…Naturally”. Staged May 5th-7th, the first night shone the spotlight on Roots & Culture with top acts Sabrina Francis, Queen Ifrica and Third World. The musical flow continued the following evening with a night of Love & Soul which featured Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser & the Black Soil Band as well as Malika Tirolien. The final night encompassed a thrilling performance from Mr. Killa, Loxton Mitchell & All Anointed and Ajamu & Gospel Chorale. In between sets on the main stage, the Coca-Cola Village stage delivered a plethora of live bands that ensured the music flowed nonstop. The audience danced, rocked and enjoyed the musical stylings of the Sensation Band, Quiet Fire, Pan Wizards featuring Angelo Signore and more.

World class talents of Sabrina Francis and Mr. Killa

On the opening night of the music festival, Sabrina Francis was simply mesmerizing. With her pulsating melodies, she held the crowd’s undivided attention from start to finish. Her beautiful voice and range is a perfect complement to her passionate music that is a blend of Caribbean and African influences and takes you on a beautiful escape. At the young age of 23, her lyrics convey a longing to control her own destiny. PANACHE believed she’ll achieve those dreams…as for us she is one of the Caribbean’s Next Breakthrough Artiste.

Sabrina Francis Sabrina Francis

Crowd-pulling, musically versatile artiste, Grenada Cultural Ambassador, Rebel Dancer, and Child of God… Mr. Killa brought the house down on the final night! There were stories about this young energetic entertainer in Grenada… leading up to the Music Festival- so the intrigue and expectations were high for when he would take the stage. Once he did, his presence and energy was simply phenomenal and was equally balanced with the amazing dancers that surrounded him on stage. Mr. Killa was simply hypnotic and brought a light-hearted fun to the performance intertwined with his cheeky jabs at current affairs. A fusion of soca, reggae, dancehall, African and more, this former Soca Monarch is poised for huge international success and Mr. Killa can deliver on any stage in the world…He is simply the best. On his Facebook Page, post his high energy performance, he shared: “I want to say BIG up to all the people that came out and supported the Grenada Music Festival. It was an amazing weekend thank you so much, and a special love and thanks to all the fans that came out on Sunday you made my performance an amazing experience… you guys gave me and the Rebel1 Band the chance to show them what we’re made of!”

Mr. Killa Mr. Killa

All in all, Pure Grenada is a must-do music experience in the Caribbean and rounded out its weekend with stellar performances from Third World, Tarrus Riley, Queen Ifrica, Malika Tirolien, Quiet Fire, Loxton Mitchel & All Anointed, Pan Wizards and more.

Beyond The Music

Beyond the music, kudos are in order for the festival’s strong commitment to the environment. From the setup to the vendors, this music festival is entirely eco-friendly and innovative with green seating made out of recycled materials; the “Keep your cup” drive is commendable; and the art installation entitled “Plastic Ocean: Want All, Loose All” focused on the impact of litter on the marine environment. Given the stunningly beautiful location of the festival village, we want to keep it clean for many years to come.

Lastly, there was the cuisine! Shoutout to Andy’s Soup House which had the best-selling Lobster Soup that was a top seller or if you want something jerked check out JAMDOWN Restaurant- BIGUP to Kenneth Powell, a Jamaican living in Grenada over 20years and started this business. The festival has several food stands to offer a range of culinary delights to satisfy your tastes and experience all the sweet, savoury and spicey-ness Grenada has to offer. Be sure to check out the Westerhall Rum Cellar, Grenada Breweries Beer Garden, North South Wine Lounge and of course the 60 Foot Sundance Bar to quench your thirst all night.

So book your place early, grab your friends and escape to Grenada where great music can be found at the Pure Grenada Music Festival. For more information on the festival including ticket prices, travel tips and more, visit: |P

8 Cool Things To Do in Grenada


Number one on our list of cool things to do is exploring the famed Underwater Sculpture Park. Something special and an adventure with a difference, hop on the Seafaris and experience the beauty and diversity of Grenada’s aquatic life on this exciting sea adventure tour. Whether you are a new to snorkeling or an expert this is not to be missed!


Hands down… Patrick’s Local Homestyle Restaurant is the best place to get real Grenadian cooking on the island. Be sure to experience the best local food, tapas-style in a traditional open-air restaurant. From “lambie” in creole sauce; gingered pork; manicou; tannia fritters to cou-cou and so much more- bring your appetite!


Be sure to visit the oldest continuously operating rum distillery in the Western Hemisphere and learn about the rum-making process. When you are done with the tour, do not leave without trying the Chocolate Grenadine Rum- it is smoother than Michael Jackson’s moon walk. Enjoy!


Set right on Grand Anse Beach, this West Indian-themed French Creole restaurant is an ultimate dining destination while in Grenada. While you await your creole fish, take a cool dip in the Caribbean sea or relax with a rum punch on the beach. It’s a great place to gather with family and friends.


One of the largest nutmeg processing stations on the island, Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station, is well worth the visit. Before you set foot in the factory the smell of nutmeg fills the air of the streets. Once inside you walk back in time through years of tradition and history that continues to this day producing the world’s best nutmegs.


A visit to the Grand Etang National Park, which encompasses the Nature Park and Grand Etang Lake (the crater of an extinct volcano), provides an element of fun for all visitors.

This 30-acre lake, located 1,740 ft above sea level is perfect for meditation, yoga, and picnics with family and friends.


Named one of the ten most romantic sites in the entire Caribbean, La Sagesse is a small, intimate boutique hotel situated in a secluded, black-sand beach bay, with lush tropical gardens to explore. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear for a quick dip after your meal.


Steeped in rich history, Grenada’s centuries-old forts, such as Fort Fredrick, offer stunning views of the island. Once mainstays of the island’s defence and centres of political action these forts are connected by underground tunnels that we hope will be opened to the public soon for a different view of the island.|P

Exploring Clean Beauty


 Just recently, a co-worker of mine had car trouble because his regular gas station attendant had put diesel in his vehicle instead of the gas he usually purchases.  This mistake cost him time away from work and money he probably had better use for.

This mix-up got me thinking, if a car- an obviously inanimate object- could cough and sputter and refuse to drivebecause of something like a gas mix up, then what would happen to our bodies- the most complex of ‘machines’ if we consistently fed it the wrong things or consistently used products that have dangerous side effects.
It wasn’t too long ago either that my research for a piece just like this one unearthed the little-known fact that 60% of everything we use on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream. Yikes! That said, it’s no wonder we are plagued with so many illnesses and health issues. This prompted me to explore a more organic way to beauty. Below are some common ingredients to avoid in many of our most popular beauty products with alternatives that are a lot cleaner.


This component is found in many beauty products and essentials like deodorant. Repeated aluminium use and exposure are tied to both breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. When buying items like an antiperspirant, try to purchase an aluminium free option. Tom’s aluminium free deodorant is one of the more affordable ones on the market at a mere $5.00USD per bottle.


Paraben is found in many a deodorants, lotions and lipsticks and has been shown in studies to mimic oestrogen in the body and has also been found present in many breast cancer tumours. Again, no one is sure what levels of Paraben content in a product is ‘safe’  so regarding this ingredient, it’s probably just best to be safe rather than sorry. Even mainstream brands like Tresemme have come to embrace paraben free products.


This ingredient has been labelled legally as a carcinogen (the same stuff that’s present in cigarettes that make them bad for you) by the Food and Drug administration in the U.S.A. Formaldehyde is said to be present in nail polishes, eyelash glues, shampoos, lotions and hair straighteners. When checking for formaldehyde in products, it may also be listed as ‘formalin.’ It is not sure just how much formaldehyde is too much so consumers are advised to use products that may contain formaldehyde in well-ventilated spaces to minimize inhalation.


Sulphates are those things that give many soaps and shampoos their lather. In other words, it’s what makes it soapy or foamy. While sulphates are somewhat good for removing build up, its harsh chemical makeup strips natural oils and moisture from hair follicles and skin cells thereby worsening conditions like dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema. While some companies have switched out sulphates in their products, they aren’t necessarily using replacements that are better for you either. Your safest bet as a consumer is to look for products that are fruit or vegetable based.

Whoever said beauty has to hurt was wrong.  There just simply is no beauty product or routine that is worth compromising the quality of your lifestyle in the long run. It is the purchases of the more informed consumer that is bringing even mainstream brands to their knees. Start today, by changing what you can for a healthier tomorrow.