PANACHE Charity Bracelets

Our Cause

The PANACHE Charity Collection was inspired years ago by founder Tricia Williamson through her work with creative industries in Jamaica and seeing the need of local charities for support. This collection was created to give back to several causes in Jamaica, theses will include but are not limited to: supporting the fight to end violence against women and children; autism; environmental causes; cancer awareness; education and women’s causes.

All works of art in the Charity Collection are made by Jamaican/Caribbean designers. With a minimum of 10% of all sales being donated to respective charities annually.

PANACHE Charity Bracelets

Every PANACHE Charity bracelet is beautifully handcrafted in Jamaica and made from the highest quality beads sourced from around the world.

The PANACHE Charity Collection will expand into apparel, designer bags, jewellery and more… As the Trusted Voice on Caribbean Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle we are supporting the local creative industry while giving back to our people in ways that impact and serve as a force for good.

The three PANACHE Charity bracelets featured here are in our “Fight Against Violence” collection. Bracelets feature these stones hand selected from Europe and made in Jamaica:

 Tiger’s Eye – This is a stone of protection that is very stabilizing and grounding. It is a powerful stone that aids clarity, harmony, and balance. 

 Black Agate- Grounding and protective crystal that gives inner strength, courage and attracts good fortune. 

Red Jade – This is the most passionate and stimulating of the various jade colors. It is a stone of life-force that brings a sense of peace, wisdom, and love


To order your PANACHE Charity Bracelet shop on our website at or via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @panachejamag today!

PANACHE Charity Bracelet

Meet The Designer- Simone DaCosta

Our PANACHE Charity bracelets were handmade in Jamaica by Simone DaCosta of Happi Beads & Linx, find them on Instagram @happibeads_linx or email at

Simone is a creative and sensitive soul. Her zeal for happiness, success, and love is phenomenal as she exemplifies a passion for living. She describes herself as a hunter for happiness and everything good that the world has to offer. As an artist, she is a complex human being with a result driven personality. Even though she is shy, she allows her designs to speak on her behalf.

Learn more about her To Live, To Love, To Laugh Handmade Bracelets for men and women and her passion for her work online on PANACHE at


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