Reggae SumFest 2017

PANACHE October 201717

Reggae SumFest 2017 felt like the Ultimate Reggae/Dancehall music festival from start to finish. It was an internationally comparable production, which lived up to being regarded Jamaica’s Premiere Music Festival. From the moment of entry, driving through the gate, to the parking lot, to the entrance, followed by safety checks – to the moment you drive out from the Catherine Hall Festival Grounds after enjoying a powerful, high-energy lineup, comprising of some of Reggae and Dancehall’s most powerful acts. Reggae SumFest 2017 definitely raised the bar for stage shows/ live concerts in Jamaica.

PANACHE October 201718
The experience of what felt like SumFest 2.0 was heightened by the refined, über creative booths- many of which were multi-levelled. Red Stripe, Pepsi and Flow, sponsors of the neo -Jamaican cultural entertainment event, brought their creative forces together to make the ambience one of its kind to have graced the space- which has been home to the event for the past twenty-five years. We saw Pepsi using the electric event as the perfect platform for rocketing their new product- Pepsi gold. The amazing taste of Pepsi, with a dash of ginger- one of Jamaica’s beloved addition to amp up a flavour. The setup by Red Stripe was a warm street vibe with a touch of elegance. It embodied everything that is definitive of Red Strip- chill and cosy bottled by island sophistication. Apart from providing what was regarded “groundbreaking regional live cable and online broadcast” of the biggest Reggae Show on the globe.

Photos courtesy of Reggae Sumfest


A favourite space may have been the SumFest Acoustic Cafe. Notably one of the most explored amenity stations by patrons, was a mixture of urban meets rural aesthetics, in a 2017 setting. Zinc fences tied into dark wooden floors, wooden panels, chandeliers formed by Red Stripe bottles below ceiling ribbons of Red, Green and Gold. The Acoustic Cafe brought the experience of a rustic dinner with keen service and an excellent menu to a stage show.

Performances by Spice, Ding Dong, Harry Toddler and Dexta Daps followed by another night of Sean Paul, Stephen Marley, Beenie Man, JahCure, Sizzla and several other top acts- beneath the most vibrant lights many may have ever seen on a stage in Jamaica were absolutely groundbreaking.

The Festival Grounds, which seemed to have been packed to full capacity allowed patrons to experience a constant, running surge of energy, like a Mexican wave flowing throughout the night, into the morning when sunlight greeted the event. The energy shooting from the performers to the crowd was absolutely electric! |P

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