Frame of Reference: Colour Grading To Perfection

Photography courtesy of Frame of Reference

The Frame of Reference team underwent a two-day colour training with Colourist Alexis Van Hurkman in order to gain a broader knowledge of colour grading as well as to sharpen their skills. Alexis has graded features and shorts that have played at the Telluride and Sundance Film Festivals. He is the author of software documentation for DaVinci Resolve and the author of The Colour Correction Handbook.

Alexis and Team
(2nd left) Alexis Van Hurkman; and from Frame of Reference Nick(l), Twain and Fonnique Richardson(r).

What is colour grading?
Simply put, Colour Grading is the process of altering and enhancing the colour of a motion picture/video. Colour grading encompasses both colour correction and the generation of artistic colour effects. If you aren’t applying any colour grading to either your videos, you are potentially missing a vital part of the process of the post-production process. Colour grading can be one of the most impactful tweaks you can make to your work once it’s been shot. It has the potential to elevate a good image to great, or a great image to outstanding. Colour conveys meaning, it affects a mood and feel of a piece, and therefore how we interpret the feature.

So why bring Alexis to Jamaica?
We wanted to learn how to not only be more efficient in how we grade our projects but also how to get more out of DaVinci Resolve and so it was a no-brainer bringing Alexis to Jamaica.

Over the two days, we covered topics like Grade Management Strategies, Different Ways to Build a Grade, Grading Skin Tones and more.

We also had a meetup where we met with other editors and filmmakers so we could educate them some more about colour grading. All in all, it was a great experience for Alexis and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.With the added training, we are even more confident that we can give our clients the best colour treatment for their projects.

If you have any questions about the process, be sure to contact us on social media @forpostprod or send us an email, you can also check out some of Alexis work on his website at|P

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