Peter Tosh Pioneer Awardee

CanEx 2017, before its opening, announced the launch of the “Pioneer Award”. An award created to recognise those who played a pioneering role in establishing and enhancing Jamaica’s reputation as an international cannabis culture capital! The CanEx Jamaica – Business Conference & Expo was held on Friday, September 1, 2017 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The conference, expo and job fair sought to bring together high-level cannabis professionals from across the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe & North America and discussed opportunities for investment, medical development and the legal landscape.

PANACHE October 201740

Joan Webley, who sits on the CanEx Pioneer Committee shared, “Many have paid a significant personal and social cost to establish the industry we are exploring today. In recognizing these pioneers, CanEx pays tribute to their efforts and is leading way to destigmatise Jamaica’s marijuana history and opportunity.”

Jamaica’s long-standing association with marijuana, derives in no small part due to the worldwide regard for Reggae music and Rastafari. As such the CanEx Jamaica organisers awarded Peter Tosh, the inaugural Pioneer Award. His marijuana anthem “Legalize It”, released in 1976, was an early siren call to the government of the then conservative island nation (and indeed the world) to develop cannabis industries which could be promoted by the music industry.

CanEx Jamaica producer, Douglas Gordon said, “It’s an honour to be able to bestow this award on one of Jamaica’s great icons. We celebrate all that Peter Tosh’s work and advocacy have done to establish a foundation for understanding about the power of the plant. We also recognize the significant sacrifice he and so many others have paid in promoting something that was once deemed illegal, but is now being recognized for its tremendous benefits.”

Niambe Tosh, daughter of Peter Tosh, shared details on the developments in the Peter Tosh 420 marijuana product line at the conference, now in its second year. Niambe joined Montel Williams, John Salley, Nikki Z, Imani Duncan, Ras Iyah V, Gappy Ranks, Dr. Uma Dhanbalan, Michael Minardi and a number of other public figures and marijuana advocates who also converged on the island for the event. |P

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