The MIIEGO Review

The M1 by MIIEGO is one of the best earphones I have ever experienced.

M1 packaging backside
Photography courtesy of MIIEGO

Sleek and modern in its feel and design, it is the perfect pair of earphones for the stylish modern music lover, who does not necessarily want to fit in by using the typical go- to options for an excellent listening experience. The Premium Isolation Eartips of the M1 has customized fit which holds effortlessly, cancelling external noise completely, thus taking the listening experience to another level. Using it is absolute sonic perfection!
The clear sound quality brings to the fore, every instrument, sound and rhythmic variation- and the powerful bass when listening to Dancehall, House or any other genre of music in the gym prompts me to bust a move in the middle of my workouts. The battery is long-lasting and it definitely lives up to expectations, and the battery indicator allows me to keep track of when the M1 needs to be charged.

M1’s Bluetooth v.41 wireless technology works like a dream and has had me leaving my phone behind at reasonable distances without disconnection.

Whether going for a run, weight training in the gym or working on my laptop- the M1 by MIIEGO has become a part of the electronic devices I refuse to leave behind on any given day.

MIIEGO has won a new loyal fan! #TEAMMIIEGO.|P

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