The One & Only… DJ Courtney

Photography by DJ Courtney

In everyone’s life, there is always that one person who can affect your whole mood or reset your day with just one touch. When DJ Courtney puts his hand to the music he does just that.
Courtney can transform the dullest of spaces and places in minutes with the pulsating selection he plays. Beyond the impressive collection of tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s genre that pull a more mature audience to places like Ribbiz on their ‘Big People Sundays’. DJ Courtney is first a great Dad- NOTHING means more to him than his son. This devoted father is many things…a realist and lover of the simple things in life. So after years of waiting, we’re happy he’s decided to share a little more about the man behind the music.


Where did your love of music come from? My mom died when I was four years old and my dad always had music playing in the house, it was always associated with happiness.

What inspired or motivated you to get into this business? I was an avid collector of Dancehall cassettes & eventually started to go to dances, where I met Selector Webba, who encouraged me to try it based on my knowledge of music.


What events/parties do you do… you have a strong following at Ribbiz’s Big People Sundays and several top locales across Jamaica… When and where can people find you?Yes, I am in the regular rotation at Big People Sundays at Ribbiz and once a month at Pulse for Pepperseed Wednesdays. Other than that I play at various parties, weddings, events across the island. Follow me on IG @djcourtneyjm for up to date info.

Outside of DJing/Spinning…you ever thought about producing? I’ve assisted in music production in the past, but the music business is too much politics in Jamaica, so I decided not to, the less stress the better.


What attracts you most to the genres of music you spin…70s, 80s, 90s…? It’s less violent & more fun, simple.

What are thoughts on the music industry today? While there are works of a few producers in the industry today that I do enjoy, I typically find the genre too violent, which is why I prefer the oldies.


The Chef #RealMenCook

“My favourite cuisine is Jamaican, then Chinese, & I actually love to replicate every good cuisine that I’ve tried. My favourite dish is curried goat.” -DJ Courtney

You’re an IT guy… let’s touch on that a bit… tell us what are your thoughts on net neutrality and more importantly how has social media helped or hindered you? Net Neutrality is the best thing to happen, especially in JA, it has made us more accessible globally, as for SM, Twitter & IG are my favourites to showcase my views & promotions.

Now back to music- How important is that connection with the crowd when you play? That’s the hardest part of playing, every crowd is different, & you have to figure out how to bring the different personalities together through the music, that’s called the art of reading the crowd.

Three tunes you could not live without? Dennis Brown – Love & Hate; Sam Cooke – A Change is Gonna Come; Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross

If you could have a sound clash with anyone who would it be? Squingy – Bass Odyssey (RIP)

If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be and why? Dead – Martin Luther King; Alive – Barack Obama

Finally, what’s been your greatest achievement in life? My Son. |P


Contact Info for bookings:
DJ Courtney™
Jamaican DJ versatile in all genres #WhoIsHere
Instagram: @djcourtneyjm
Twitter: @djcourtneyjm

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