Davina Bennett graces the cover of PANACHE!

PANACHE Issue 1 Covershot-Social Media

PANACHE 2018 Issue 1

PANACHE Magazine Issue 1 2018 (Volume 11) features the Afro Queen, Davina Bennett, Miss Universe (2nd Runner-Up) in our breakthrough issue. This wonderful magazine also showcases our review of Fenty Beauty, Shaggy & Friends, The Chronology Tour in Jamaica, The Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit, PX Headphones, Joy Spence’s Appleton Cocktails and more!


Davina Bennett… The Afro Queen

Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett might not have won the first place crown at this year’s Miss Universe pageant, but she definitely made a lasting impression. The 21-year-old philanthropist chose to take the pageant stage with her natural hair, an afro, instead of the common blowouts and extensions we see time after time on pageant stages.

Afros and the natural hairstyles of people of colour are still frequently considered unprofessional or deemed inappropriate so Bennett’s act of wearing her true hair is a statement against the norm. Bennett chose to use her platform and provide representation to the countless faces at home watching who share her natural hair texture, but rarely get to see the attribute reflected in beauty pageants.”- Chloe Hall, Elle.com

PANACHE Issue 1 Covershot-Social Media

PANACHE 2018 Issue 1


A few months now have passed since the Miss Universe Competition where Davina was awarded 2nd Runner-Up and proudly represented Jamaica. Amidst her crazy schedule of appearances and photo shoots and interviews were honoured to get a moment and reflect on all that has transpired and the what the future holds.

A lover of her parish Clarendon, she calls it her “favourite chill spot”. A foodie at heart, like a true island girl she loves her seafood. Davina by any measure is a stunning beauty with a regal air about her when she walks into a space. She is the perfect model in front of a camera lens and needs little or no direction- she loves the camera and it certainly loves her back.

Our Miss Jamaica has a mantra that believes “a positive mind with positive thoughts will bring positive results.” An inspiration to many herself to so many, she recounts, “Yes I am surprised that I have inspired so many people because of what I did on the international stage.” She shares that her greatest inspiration has come from her grandfather.

Read our full interview with Davina Bennett below:

PANACHE Issue 1 201825

Creative Direction & Interview by Tricia Williamson | Photography by Craig Harley | Makeup Artist: Rasine Hamilton |Art & Design by Oneil Banton | Photoshoot Assistance by Chantel Bailey | Dress: Uzuri International & Tia Clothes Girl 

PANACHE: Everybody loves your hair, your crowning glory so let’s begin there… What would you say was a turning point in your hair journey- was it ever a love/hate relationship?
Davina Bennett (DB): I’ve always had a love/ hate relationship with my hair because it’s sometimes hard to maintain and handle on my own, but I love it because it inspires others to just be themselves and embrace their natural looks and it plays a significant role in the representation of one’s self-value.

PANACHE: The wearing of your natural hair at the Miss Universe pageant was a redefinition of international beauty standards. What made you decide to wear your hair naturally and free (no ponytails, no flat iron needed)?
DB: I decided to keep the natural hair to break the stigma and perception of how beauty queens should look.

PANACHE: What products do you use in your hair to keep it so lustrous and beautiful?
DB: My favourite products to use are from ORS Olive Oil, from their moisturizers to their shampoo and conditioner. I am also a fan of natural products like castor oil and coconut oil.

PANACHE Issue 1 201826

PANACHE: What advice would you give to someone who wants to go natural?
DB: I would advise them to give it a try and embrace their natural beauty.

PANACHE: We love your beautiful skin, what is your beauty regime?
DB: For my skin, there is not one specific regime but I tend to use a lot of natural body oil products mainly from Kihara’s line and drink plenty of water.

PANACHE: Jamaica supported you before, during and after the Miss Universe pageant, what did the outpouring of love mean to you?
DB: The love I’ve received thus far is indescribable; I am humbled and grateful to have been received so well by the public.

PANACHE: From Pop Sugar to Allure to People to Essence to Elle international media have fallen in love with you and your Afro-American, you’ve ignited a fire in natural hair movement. What was your reaction to all that press and attention…even #AfroFriday here in Jamaica?
DB: All the love from the press is still overwhelming and I am filled with such gratification from all the exposure…I’m still pinching myself!

PANACHE: You looked stunning in yellow and red, do you have a favourite colour?
DB: Thank you, my favourite colour is gold.


PANACHE: When someone says to you “How can you be the physical representation of your country?” What’s your response?
DB: Our motto is out of many one people and that is significant as we are a melting pot of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and religion and I am a testimony of this. My family line is a mixture of Indians, Africans and even Afro-Latina and the greatest thing is that they all coexist in one love just as the people in Jamaica.

PANACHE: How did your friend Jermaine Dyer motivate you to enter the competition?
DB: Jermaine Dyer motivated me by being positive, by helping me and guiding me along the way and the constant talks about how great I am and how much greater I will become.

PANACHE: What was the reaction of your Mom and Dad when you told them you were going for the crown?
DB: I wasn’t with my parents physically to see their reactions but it was always my dad’s dream so he was over the moon, my mom, on the other hand, was a bit hesitant because she knew I was afraid of speaking in front of a large audience and she was wondering if I was really ready.

PANACHE: People see the glitz and glamour, but tell us about the work that you and the team put in behind the scenes from speech sessions with Paula Ann and more… The hard work and guts begin the glitz…
DB: It was a team effort that involved so many individuals. I had plenty of speech sessions with both Paula-Anne Porter-Jones and Fabian Thomas, Hard-core gym time with Debbie Hall from Spartan Health Club, Dance & Movement with Marlon Simms of NDTC, Stage Presentation & Runway sessions with Yendi Phillipps, Etiquette sessions with Angelie Martin-Spencer, Current & World Affairs Training with National Directors Mark McDermoth and Karl Williams and even makeup classes with Oneil Baugh and Dawn Lindo from D’Marie Institute. Styling was also vital and so we had a few fittings that created the perfect wardrobe. Karl and Mark also did an excellent job in getting local designers and boutiques to contribute to the wardrobe as well as putting the pieces together.

PANACHE Issue 1 201828

PANACHE: On August 27, you posted ” I did it” with a portrait of tears of joy… What was that moment like for you…being crowned Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 now that you reflect on it.
DB: It was a wonderful feeling to have won the Miss Universe Jamaica title because I felt like I was always losing and needed that victory to prove to myself that I could do anything once I worked hard and I did just that.

PANACHE Issue 1 201829

PANACHE: You once said you knew what it meant to “fail and work twice as hard”. What major challenge(s) have you faced in life and how did you rise above it?
DB: I have faced many challenges, medical problems, a struggling career, robbery et al… I overcame all the adversaries because I had a good support system from both family and friends.

PANACHE: As our queen, you represent Jamaica by being yourself, authentic and bold- how would you like to inspire other young girls?
DB: I would like to inspire other young women to keep fighting for what they believe, never give up on themselves and to know that they are beautiful just the way they are.

PANACHE: Tell us more about your foundation, it’s work and the goals you have for 2018?
DB: The Davina Bennett Foundation for the Deaf is to spread awareness for the Deaf community and eradicate the barriers of communication. The goals for 2018 would be to continue on that path with new projects and partnerships along the way.

PANACHE: You are very passionate about the work of your Davina Bennett Foundation for the Deaf. Your emotional reaction to your friend and mentee hearing clearly for the first time with an hearing aid was powerful. Please share more about that project of distributing hearing aids to 500 people across Jamaica.
DB: The hearing aids were not distributed by me but by the Starkey Foundation, I was a Patron and witnessed the work they were doing, and I got so emotional when Britney was given the hearing-aid and heard me for the first time.

PANACHE Issue 1 201816

PANACHE: What changes would you like to see in Jamaica to better support those who are hearing impaired?
DB: I would like for the Deaf community to be granted equal opportunities as those in society from their educational facilities and system to their social everyday duties. I’d like to see more of them being employed.

PANACHE: As an Ambassador for Ending Bullying, what positive impact do you see yourself having in that capacity?
DB: As an End- bullying Ambassador I can certainly relate to being bullied because I too was a victim and this platform has allowed me to not only share my experiences but how I overcame bullying. My message is to love who you are and embrace yourself.

PANACHE: You are a social influencer, who/ what are some of your favourite accounts to follow?
DB: I love to follow other influencers like Oprah and Rihanna.

PANACHE: Social media has its pros and cons… It has been a great platform for fans to show their support and for you to raise awareness of worthy causes. So as an Ambassador to End Bullying, what advice would you give for youths on social media today?
DB: I would tell the youth to love themselves, to understand that all names are temporary and they are all uniquely made.

PANACHE: Is there any style or dress that you love the most from your collection?
DB: I would have to say my favourite dress would be my yellow final gown worn on the final night of the Miss Universe competition. The first time I saw it and fitted it, it brought tears to my eyes…tears of joy!

PANACHE: Name one fashion trend you hope never comes back?
DB: I am a lover of fashion and appreciate all kinds however I think it’s safe to say (and I know many females will agree) that I hate to see men wearing sagging pants…it’s not sexy at all!

PANACHE: Your current role aside, what would be your dream role?
DB: My dream role was always to be an international model.

PANACHE: How do you deal with negative people?
DB: I don’t focus on negative people so I don’t normally allow their energy to consume me.

PANACHE: Where do you see yourself in three years?
DB: I see myself as a philanthropist and successful entrepreneur.

PANACHE: What would you say to the next young Jamaican girl looking to enter the Miss Universe competition next year?
DB: I would say, give it a try, don’t be afraid of your voice, help make a difference and wow the world. |P

PANACHE Issue 1 Covershot

Jakes Turns 25!

Things are spiffed-up indeed, here at Jakes! You must see the sea-coloured sparkle we’ve added to the pool. And how we’ve taken a wee, little cottage, added more outdoor space and a new bathroom, splashed it with bright pink and yellow paint and—ta-da!—Introducing: Snapper! One of our Deluxe Ocean View Rooms, Cockles, has new, charming window boxes—and the treatments rooms at Driftwood Spa have been renovated, too. Our new website? Well, you know what they say about excellent makeovers? It highlights our best features. Don’t you agree?


In 2018, Jakes turns 25! Just down the road, there’s the even more historic Treasure Cot, built by Sally’s parents—years before she conceived of Jakes. Recently refreshed with an additional bedroom and new bathrooms, Treasure Cot retains all its original charm and that hidden cottage-on-the-beach quality everyone looks for (but which is so hard to find). We can’t tell you how people say, “Gee, wish we’d known about your Villas and Cottages. We already love your Hotel Rooms and Oceanfront Bungalows.” So, now you know!|P


The 17th annual Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF®) returns to EAT. DRINK. EDUCATE. February 21 – 25, 2018. This year, those with an appetite for enjoying good eats paired with high-energy beats have a variety of events to choose from.  Proceeds from the Festival benefit the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Florida International University.


Thursday, February 22, 2018


Barilla’s Italian Bites on the Beach sponsored by HCP Media and the Miami Herald Media Company hosted by Giada De Laurentiis – America’s beloved queen of Italian cuisine is back at the Festival to celebrate the release of her latest cookbook Giada’s Italy (Clarkson Potter, April 2018).  Giada will play host to more than 30 chefs serving up authentic Italian fare with traditional roots and new twists while guests sip on Mezza di Mezzacorona’s Italian Glacial Bubbly and estate-grown wines from Mezzacorona’s Trentino vineyards.  To top it all off, multi-platinum and Grammy nominated group Smash Mouth will treat attendees to a live musical performance presented by Magic City Casino.


Saturday, February 24, 2018


BACARDÍ presents Walshy Fire’s Rum & Bass Beach Party – A taste of the Caribbean comes to the beach with Jamaican-American DJ Walshy Fire & Friends at the second annual rum-centric soirée in the sand.  Sip on refreshing libations while swaying to reggae-inspired beats, plus sounds by special guest DJ Irie.  Guests will also enjoy bites from 25 South Florida chefs who will dish up late-night snacks.


Sweet-Moves: Late-Night Desserts & Dancing hosted by Bobby & Sophie Flay – The dynamic dad and daughter duo Bobby and Sophie Flay will play host to more than a dozen chefs and tastemakers serving up sweet treats.  Guests will enjoy the late-night sugar rush while drinking wines and libations and hit the dance floor for sweet beats provided by HBFIT founder and popular DJ Hannah Bronfman.


Midnight Munchies: An Española Way Block Party presented by Thrillist hosted by Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Action Bronson – Nestled in South Beach’s Art Deco district, the two-block pedestrian-friendly corridor known as Española Way will host its first Festival event.  World-renowned Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten will serve as the evening’s host while Action Bronsondishes up his signature beats. More than 15 South Florida hotspots will dish up sweet, salty and savory bites to satisfy guests’ midnight cravings while imbibing in carefully crafted wine, beer and spirits.


Sunday, February 25, 2018


David Grutman Experience at Goya Foods’ Grand Tasting Village – The Festival has partnered once again with nightlife and hospitality guru David Grutman to transform the courtyard between our signature Mastercard Grand Tasting Tents into one of his famous over-the-top curated experiences.  Guests will sample pours from more than 80 of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits suppliers and bites from more than 50 restaurants from across South Florida.  Additionally, attendees can sink their toes into the sands of South Beach while enjoying special sips from Belvedere Vodka, listening to beats from popular local DJs and featured sounds by ALESSOpowered by N1CE Cocktails.


EAT. DRINK. EDUCATE.  Tickets to these events and more are available online at sobewff.org or by calling 877.762.3933 (phone sales open Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST).


Between SOBEWFF® and its sister NYCWFF, which takes place each October in New York City, more than $37 million has been raised to benefit the respective charities for each Festival.  Beyond the funds raised, both Festivals draw attention to the vibrant dining culture in their respective cities, provide economic stimulus in their communities, and serve as an invaluable platform to drive awareness, engaging and inspiring people to get involved in philanthropic activities.

Sprint icon Usain Bolt to visit South Africa

World athletics icon Usain Bolt will be at Ruimsig Stadium in Johannesburg next Monday (January 29) as part of an Athletics South Africa (ASA) development programme.

The multiple Olympic gold medallist winner in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay, who is also world record holder of the mentioned events, is visiting South Africa as the principal of the PUMA School of Speed which will see five competitions held around the country.

Bolt, who retired in 2017, is also an ambassador for the IAAF to promote athletics worldwide.


“The arrival of Bolt comes at an opportune time when the 2018 youth and junior domestic athletics season is now in full swing,” said Aleck Skhosana, the President of Athletics South Africa. “His presence here will encourage a lot of youngsters to perform better and elite athletes to renew their ambitions to make South Africa the best.

“We have more than 500 000 youth and junior athletes between the ages of 14-19 years at high school level that are currently competing in domestic school competitions.

“Their main objective is to reach the 2018 ASA Youth and Junior Championships (April 5-7, Paarl) where they hope to qualify to represent South Africa at the 2018 IAAF World Junior Championships in Tampere, Finland from (June 10-14). The presence of this icon is a great chance for athletics fans that have followed his career over the years to see him.”

The School of Speed competitions will take place on:

1. PUC MC Arthur Stadium, Potchefstroom, January 20, 2018

2. Ruimsig Stadium, Johannesburg, January 29, 2018

3. Kings Park Stadium, Durban, February 10, 2018

4. Dal Josaphat Stadium, Paarl, February 26, 2018

5. Bestmed Tuks Stadium, Pretoria, March 3, 2018

Usain Urges All Jamaica To Bolt Into Action To Help Vulnerable Youth Have A Brighter Future

The Government alone cannot shoulder the responsibility of lessening the plight of the nation’s most vulnerable children. Members of the private sector and the public must also act if these youngsters are to see a brighter future, many-time World and Olympic champion Usain Bolt has asserted.


In a speedy response to the fire that destroyed Walker’s Place of Safety in St Andrew last Monday, killing two female wards of the State, through the Usain Bolt Foundation, the world’s fastest man came forward yesterday to donate $1 million in aid of the children who were displaced.

“Don’t just sit down and wait on the Government at all times,” Bolt declared during the official handover of the cheque to the Child Protection & Family Services Agency at Hope Zoo in St Andrew.

“Those in a position to contribute should do so because there are a lot of things going on in the country and the Government will be stretched thin. So if the private sector or even the public can contribute anything, please do. It really helps,” he told The Gleaner.

The sprint icon further expressed that he was open to working with the youth ministry to make a positive impact in the lives of less fortunate children.

“When my team and I heard about Walker’s Place of Safety, for me, there was no doubt that I was going to help in any way. I also felt it would be good to stay close and work together as much as possible with the ministry to really help the younger kids in any way we can to achieve a brighter future. I look forward to that,” Bolt added.

The beloved world-renowned sporting legend also used the platform to encourage the wards to pursue their dreams in spite of their circumstances, drawing on his own experiences as motivation.

State minister in the Ministry of Youth, Floyd Green, praised Bolt’s philanthropy, saying that his action has since inspired others to donate.

“We want this to say to other Jamaicans, ‘come forward’ and not just in relation to Walker’s. Our child-protection services do need a great public-private partnership to fulfil the wishes of our children and we have compiled a needs list for our homes that we will be putting out there for well-thinking Jamaicans, both here and abroad, to assist, as we’re on this journey to ensure that the most vulnerable among our children have the most productive lives,” said Green.

Source: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20180124/help-our-children-usain-urges-all-jamaica-bolt-action-help-vulnerable

The Voice A Woman Festival with Grace Jones

Join us for THE VOICE OF A WOMAN FESTIVAL JAMAICA 2018 featuring women in the arts raising their ‘voices’ to support a campaign to end violence against women and girls in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Opening with Jamaica’s very own GRACE JONES and the Jamaica Premiere of her film GRACE JONES: BLOODLIGHT AND BAMI followed by a conversation with her about her life and work.

Proceeds from THE VOICE OF A WOMAN FESTIVAL JAMAICA go to support the Jamaican charity WOMAN INC.


WOMAN INC was the first organization in Jamaica to provide shelter for women victims fleeing violence and to have a support and advisory hotline in Jamaica.

Do show your support by buying a ticket or making a donation if you’re unable to attend.

@womanincjamaica @thevoiceofawoman #endviolence @gracejones