Jakes Turns 25!

Things are spiffed-up indeed, here at Jakes! You must see the sea-coloured sparkle we’ve added to the pool. And how we’ve taken a wee, little cottage, added more outdoor space and a new bathroom, splashed it with bright pink and yellow paint and—ta-da!—Introducing: Snapper! One of our Deluxe Ocean View Rooms, Cockles, has new, charming window boxes—and the treatments rooms at Driftwood Spa have been renovated, too. Our new website? Well, you know what they say about excellent makeovers? It highlights our best features. Don’t you agree?


In 2018, Jakes turns 25! Just down the road, there’s the even more historic Treasure Cot, built by Sally’s parents—years before she conceived of Jakes. Recently refreshed with an additional bedroom and new bathrooms, Treasure Cot retains all its original charm and that hidden cottage-on-the-beach quality everyone looks for (but which is so hard to find). We can’t tell you how people say, “Gee, wish we’d known about your Villas and Cottages. We already love your Hotel Rooms and Oceanfront Bungalows.” So, now you know!|P


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