Victoria Pier Entertainment Hotspot Looks Promising!

The new entertainment hotspot at Victoria Pier on the Kingston waterfront is busy with activity as development work continues at the complex. The previous facility was closed nearly two decades.

photo_2018-04-06_00-20-36 (3)

According to local media reports, over two years ago, the Urban Development Corporation signed over the run-down Victoria Pier to Yosamini Holdings Limited, under a lease agreement, for an initial period of 25 years.

photo_2018-04-06_00-20-32 (2)

The redevelopment of the complex will span nearly 2,000 square metres on three levels.


In a Jamaica Gleaner report published in December 2017, it stated that the “first floor is slated to house a sports bar, which is likely to be operated by Ribbiz, while the second floor will have a branch of the renowned seafood establishment Gloria’s, which is renting the space to replicate the Port Royal experience.

photo_2018-04-06_00-20-36 (5)

There are also plans to have a Devon House I’Scream, an Island Coffee Shop, a pizza parlour and a natural juice outlet.”

photo_2018-04-06_00-20-36 (4)

Plans for the venue include roof rental for parties and weddings. Opening hours are planned for 8:00 am to 10:00pm with security at the premises.

photo_2018-04-06_00-20-36 (5)

The redevelopment of the Victoria Pier is an important part of its plans for the redevelopment of downtown Kingston.




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