Serge Becker’s Miss Lily’s Is Going Home to Jamaica

Vacation like Meghan Markle and Bella Hadid in Jamaica’s newest hot spot, the Skylark hotel.

New York’s beloved Miss Lily’s, the Caribbean rum bar and restaurant that has brought dreams of eternal summer to its two Manhattan locations since 2011, is going back to its roots. A Miss Lily’s location will open this summer at the brand-new Skylark Negril Beach Resort, bringing an authentic and mouthwatering taste of island life to Negril’s picture-perfect Seven Mile Beach.

“We’re extremely excited to be bringing Miss Lily’s home!” says Skylark chairman and Miss Lily’s partner Paul Salmon, who teamed up with the restaurant’s creative director Serge Becker for the project. (Becker is the nightlife tycoon behind equally popular New York hot spots La Esquina, the Box, Lure Fishbar, and Café Select.)

“Jamaica’s culture, the place and its people, have been a constant inspiration to me, and to do Miss Lily’s at Skylark is the natural fit,” Becker said. “The sunny décor of the original location was modeled after the restaurants, fast-food joints, hair salons, record shops, and bakeries that serve the Jamaican diaspora in Brooklyn and N.Y.C.’s outer boroughs. For the new Negril location, we’ll also be looking to the vibrancy of the local designs and iconography.”

Skylark is the second of Salmon’s Jamaican resorts, getting its name from Jamaican slang involving shenanigans and tomfoolery. Set on 220 feet of idyllic beach, the new property is taking bookings as of April 1, during its soft opening, with the official opening following June 1. Skylark is just five miles down the road from its boutique sister hotel, Rockhouse, famous for its stunning cliffside setting. Rockhouse has gathered quite the celebrity following, appearing on the Instagram feeds of Bella HadidHailey Baldwin, and Rita Ora. Even Meghan Markle gives it the royal seal of approval. What’s more, the hotels support the Rockhouse Foundation, dedicated to the improvement of education for the children of Negril. Be right back—we’re grabbing our passports.


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