The Sound, Substance and Style of Shinola

Reviewed by DJ Courtney | Photography by Craig Harley

So I recently received a pair of the Shinola Canfield Over-Ear Headphones to review for the magazine, and after a week of using it, I must say, “These are some damn good headphones!”

Panache Mag Apr9
“Acoustically tuned by sound engineers and tested in Detroit,” states the company website. I chose to assess this Shinola while I was DJing at events in Jamaica and I am glad I did, because I have now parked my Pioneer Headphones and now use them exclusively.

Firstly, the Shinola Canfield Over-Ear Headphones are beautifully crafted luxury headphones that have been made of the finest material. The headphones feature: stainless steel components, interchangeable lambskin ear cushions, and a genuine leather headband. I have received several compliments on the quality of the craftsmanship, especially how they look and feel. However, what I admire most are the magnetic ear cups, which makes them easy to snap on & off. In terms of comfort, I need to get used to them, as they do fit a bit snug, but I’ll work them in over time.

As for the sound quality, it is vivid and clean and though the Shinola Canfield Over-Ear headphones are not the best for DJing, I have found them to be perfect for me. With these headphones, there is not too much bass or treble, but the audio is clear enough for good mixing; plus they are also noise-cancelling.


The Shinola Canfield Over-Ear uses a 50-mm dynamic driver and the headphones feature a built-in remote with volume control and an in-line microphone. At first, I thought, this wouldn’t be ideal for spinning, but to my surprise, it came in handy, offering quick access for volume adjustment. The drawback I found was that I needed to plug in both connections to each ear cup for sound. As a DJ, I need to move around at times and this can prove to be a bit of a restriction, nevertheless, I’m getting used to that and it’s not a major issue.I really love these headphones, especially when I use them with my iPhone every day.
Lastly, I can honestly say, the Shinola Canfield Over-Ear Headphones “Beats” a certain competitor easily!

The Canfield Over-Ear Headphones ($450 USD) are available for purchase at where you can also find the complete Canfield Headphone collection.

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