Review: The ThinkSound ON2 headphones

By Twain Richardson | Photography by Craig HarleyPanache Portrait Session CHP_9618-Edit.jpg

The ThinkSound ON2 headphones are beautiful. The packaging has a premium feel and comes with a cotton carrying case and two detachable threaded 3.5mm headphone cables. All the materials are recyclable, which is a big part of the company’s vision.

I love how simple the package is. The headphones are made out of hand crafted natural wood housing, which helps to produce accurate music. There is a red marker on the inner right of the headphone so you always know which way to put them on. Each pair is made from a different piece of wood which gives it this natural unique look. The headphones also fold nicely for easy storage and travel.

My review of these will focus on wearing them for a while as I’ll be testing them while doing video editing on a project. The headphones are made with memory foam with a soft faux leather exterior. On ears are usually less comfortable over an extended period of time, so with all the padding I was excited to test these.

Panache Portrait Session CHP_9624-Edit.jpg

The headphones sound great and the memory foam offers a great amount of silence when worn. The bass punch is very dynamic and not in your face which I liked. The lower frequencies also extend quite low. The mids are quite clear and the high frequencies are pleasant. They sound clear and crisp and I didn’t experience any audio distortion.

My only gripe with these headphones? I’m usually editing for a long period of time and the on-ear start to hurt after about 3 hours of use even though the padding is soft.

I was quite impressed with these headphones, ThinkSound, please make a full sized version JUST like this. If you prize audio quality over all other features, I’d get these headphones.

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