Ladies Guide: A Bold Step Towards Financial Independence

My sisters, do you want to step boldly on to a new path towards your financial independence?


Karen made the most mouth-watering pastries and had dreams of opening her own business, but sat on the idea for years instead, meanwhile, her friend Joan’s dream of becoming a lawyer dulled with each passing year. After another one of their heart-to-heart conversations they admitted that if they did not “step boldly” now, they probably would never achieve the financial independence they desired. The big question however was how would they ever afford their dreams?

Stepping into your dreams may just be easier than you think. To achieve your dreams, you may need to invest and/or borrow towards your financial independence, using JMMB Her Wealth, a suite of financial solutions geared towards women. Please ask yourself these questions, and be assured that JMMB will help you to make the necessary calculations and find the right solution.

  • How much does my goal/s currently cost?
  • How long would it take me to save the required funds?
  • What is the projected rate of inflation for that period?
  • When inflation is factored into the cost of my goal, how much will it cost me in the future?
  • Can I afford to put my dreams on hold for that period of time?
  • Can I afford the monthly repayments if I took a loan?
  • Will my enhanced income (from new qualifications/ skills or business) compensate me for interest I would have paid on the loan?

Take the Bold Step

After a FREE JMMB Goal Planning Session, these are the life transforming steps made by Joan and Karen.

Although Joan did not like loans, JMMB showed her that postponing her law degree for several years, while she saved towards the tuition, delayed her opportunities for increased income for several years too. She did the “math” and it was cheaper to pay interest on an education loan than to forego several years of enhanced income. She therefore, opted for a loan from the JMMB Bank. Now she is financially ready to step boldly into her first law class.

Karen was concerned about the strain a loan could put on her new business and personal savings. Her JMMB advisor therefore suggested that she save towards a portion of the start-up capital in the JMMB Her Wealth investment, which is projected to earn between 7.3% and 11.6% over the next 3 -5 years. She could then borrow the rest of funds needed from the JMMB Her Wealth suite of business loans. Now, she is several steps closer to bringing “Pastry Palace” to life and having her financial independence, while living her dream.

What do you want to achieve? The JMMB Her Wealth complete financial package maybe the perfect solution for you to step boldly towards your financial independence.

To get started towards your financial independence, give a JMMB representative a call at 1-876-998-5662.

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