Campfire Audio ATLAS

Review by Tricia Williamson | Photos courtesy of Campfire Audio

Firstly, you hear everything!

I played Elvin Bishop’s “Fooled around and Fell in Love” and as I listened through the Campfire Audio Atlas- that’s just what happened. You could hear every single detail down to the age of the record. The quality was simply pristine and the level of detail you get with this dynamic driver is insane.

Once you unbox the packaging the inscription “Nicely Done” welcomes you inside. The CampFire Audio Atlas arrives encased in a beautiful black leather zipper case. The stainless steel in-ear monitors each have the earbuds individually enclosed in mini travel bags.
As I listened to Rupert Holmes’ “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” I loved the rich and deep bass as you were immersed fully in a top quality listening experience. This 10MM Diamond Dome (ADLC) Dynamic Driver with a Beryllium Copper MMCX earphone connector and a pure silver litz wire cable. The cool scientists at Campfire Audio are to be commended for their masterpiece. With this Atlas, old and new songs you have loved will take on whole new meanings.

Atlas-with-Cable-for-Web - Copy
With a nice deep bass, clear midrange, coupled with excellent resolution and phenomenal sound stage. There are no frills… The Campfire Audio Atlas is just sound- mastered to perfection.

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