Introducing Lorraine Givans

Certified Business & Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

Panache Mag August 20189
Photos courtesy of Destiny Achieved Coaching

I was born and raised in England, however growing up; I had a burning desire to live in Jamaica. I envisioned owning my dream home there: a beautiful home with a sea view. I held this dream for many years, believing that it would come true. In 2011, I moved to Jamaica, and in 2014 I achieved the dream…the vision… I had created for myself. I built my dream home with my partner.

I left behind family and friends and my job which I had been in for approximately 22 years and my coaching business which I had started to build. Even with the thought of starting over, staying true to myself and following my vision of living in Jamaica & serving others through coaching, was much stronger.

The journey thus far has not been without its challenges but I have always kept my Why in sight and held onto my Vision knowing that there are always lessons to be learnt from all challenges. I am a firm believer in staying true to oneself and not following the norm, the average. We are all unique individuals and as such we have our own unique message for the world, I believe that it would be unjust not to share it. With so much information out there it is very easy to lose oneself and get caught up in the hype, the latest fads etc …. more so when no one quite understands your Vision and doubts the feasibility of it. Fear creeps in, you begin to doubt yourself, you feel it will never materialise, you end up following someone else’s dream…. vision….

It is my belief that if one keeps his dream or vision at the forefront of his mind, while steadfastly working towards achieving it, then he has to reach his destiny. That’s the teaching behind Destiny Achieved Coaching; I help business owners put their vision at the forefront of their lives and use the constant image of their vision as impetus for making their goals and vision a reality.

First and foremost, I help my clients understand why it is necessary to get into alignment with their vision. This alignment requires that there is cohesiveness among their thoughts, attitudes, habits and the actions they are taking to bring them closer to their goals and meeting their objectives.
It is now time for you to be uniquely and unapologetically you, you have a unique message for the world and it is time for you to “Step into Alignment with Your Vision”

I am Lorraine Givans, CSO, Chief Supporting Officer of Destiny Achieved Coaching. I am a Certified Business & Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I support Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with a unique message… brand…. that are committed and dedicated to Step into Alignment with their Vision. I am passionate about support and with this in mind I only work one-on-one and I design a bespoke programme specific to the needs of your business. Destiny Achieved Coaching embraces Vision 2030 Jamaica and will endeavour to support their clients in ensuring that their business will be in alignment with this Vision.


Are you a business owner or entrepreneur with a unique message or brand? It is now time for you to step into alignment with your vision.

For support to achieve this or further information, contact:

Lorraine Givans
T: 876-848-7267

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