On the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, in the shadows of the Pitons, surrounded by waterfalls and rainforests, there is a place called Choiseul that epitomizes an authentically natural way of life. A place where life simply is natural and not a goal to which people aspire. Where, day-to-day, people are connected to the earth’s bounty and nature’s inherent beauty. This is natural beauty. This … Continue reading Choiselle

The FlairXSugarPlumBox Story

It all started with the rumours that I sold Sugarplum Box…which I did. Technically. But the big question that I never answered was …Why did I do it? Until now. You see, there comes a time in business when you either “go Big” or “go Home.” And while going home isn’t such a bad idea and YOU can go big at home…this wasn’t the case. We’re … Continue reading The FlairXSugarPlumBox Story

More than just beads… Story & Myth

Words by Kinisha Correia & Photography by Niesha Brown The pure energy of good vibes, consciousness, whimsy and the unique celebration of stunning earthiness behind each Story & Myth bracelet and necklace has made the brand a steadily-building vortex that has gracefully washed over the locally-made, and undeniably chic fashion scene in Jamaica. More than just beads, Kristie Stephenson, Story & Myth’s founder, has carefully … Continue reading More than just beads… Story & Myth

Miss Universe Jamaica Isabel Dalley Graces The Cover of PANACHE Magazine

Miss Universe Jamaica Isabel Dalley, is the cover girl of PANACHE Magazine’s Autumn Issue. She is presently preparing to compete for the Miss Universe title to be held later in the Philippines. Isabel tells PANACHE all about her journey to date and the advice she would give to young ladies pursuing their dreams. She confesses what she is most excited about doing in the near future and how best to handle criticism.

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