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Reflection by Lorraine Givans

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We are now in the last quarter of 2018. This is a great time to reflect on your journey thus far towards your vision, dreams and the goals you had set for your business. And, of course, yourself, as it is important to ensure your overall well-being is holistically aligned to your vision and dreams.

Lorraine Givans

On reflection, acknowledge and embrace all your achievements, no matter the size. We tend to put too much energy on what we have not achieved. So acknowledge and embrace your wins if you have not already taken this time to do so.


Review Your Goals

Be gentle with yourself while reflecting on the goals that you may not have achieved to this point. Review those goals and identify one that you wish to achieve and that you are prepared to commit to. Ensure that is SMART-Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic & Timebound, i.e. can be achieved by the end of 2018.

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Break this goal down further and set actions for each month, then set daily intentions towards this goal. If you have a staff team, check in with them and their key performance areas and be sure to acknowledge their wins too. Set a goal that you believe is achievable for each individual and also that is in alignment with your overall objectives for your business.

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Use this time to revisit your daily routine and the tools you have been using to support you. If you feel that something is not working for you now or needs tweaking or changing, do it NOW!

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So to summarize:
• Acknowledge and embrace all your achievements
• Review your goals and set one you wish to achieve by the end of 2018
• Acknowledge your staff teams achievements & set their goals accordingly
• Review your daily routine & the tools you use to support you

You have now positioned yourself and your business to end 2018 holistically aligned to your Vision.

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As you reflect, remember, you have a unique message for the world: “Be Uniquely & Unapologetically You and Step into Alignment with Your Vision.”

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Lorraine Givans is the Chief Supporting Officer (CSO) and Founder of Destiny Achieved Coaching. She is a Certified Business & Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Lorraine supports business owners and entrepreneurs with a unique message, brand, and commitment that is dedicated to ensuring clients “Step into Alignment with their Vision.”

She is passionate about business support and with this in mind, Givans only works one-on-one and personally designs a bespoke programme specific to the needs of each business. Destiny Achieved Coaching embraces Vision 2030 Jamaica and will endeavour to support its clients in ensuring that their business will be in alignment with this vision.


Introducing Lorraine Givans

Certified Business & Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

Panache Mag August 20189
Photos courtesy of Destiny Achieved Coaching

I was born and raised in England, however growing up; I had a burning desire to live in Jamaica. I envisioned owning my dream home there: a beautiful home with a sea view. I held this dream for many years, believing that it would come true. In 2011, I moved to Jamaica, and in 2014 I achieved the dream…the vision… I had created for myself. I built my dream home with my partner.

I left behind family and friends and my job which I had been in for approximately 22 years and my coaching business which I had started to build. Even with the thought of starting over, staying true to myself and following my vision of living in Jamaica & serving others through coaching, was much stronger.

The journey thus far has not been without its challenges but I have always kept my Why in sight and held onto my Vision knowing that there are always lessons to be learnt from all challenges. I am a firm believer in staying true to oneself and not following the norm, the average. We are all unique individuals and as such we have our own unique message for the world, I believe that it would be unjust not to share it. With so much information out there it is very easy to lose oneself and get caught up in the hype, the latest fads etc …. more so when no one quite understands your Vision and doubts the feasibility of it. Fear creeps in, you begin to doubt yourself, you feel it will never materialise, you end up following someone else’s dream…. vision….

It is my belief that if one keeps his dream or vision at the forefront of his mind, while steadfastly working towards achieving it, then he has to reach his destiny. That’s the teaching behind Destiny Achieved Coaching; I help business owners put their vision at the forefront of their lives and use the constant image of their vision as impetus for making their goals and vision a reality.

First and foremost, I help my clients understand why it is necessary to get into alignment with their vision. This alignment requires that there is cohesiveness among their thoughts, attitudes, habits and the actions they are taking to bring them closer to their goals and meeting their objectives.
It is now time for you to be uniquely and unapologetically you, you have a unique message for the world and it is time for you to “Step into Alignment with Your Vision”

I am Lorraine Givans, CSO, Chief Supporting Officer of Destiny Achieved Coaching. I am a Certified Business & Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I support Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with a unique message… brand…. that are committed and dedicated to Step into Alignment with their Vision. I am passionate about support and with this in mind I only work one-on-one and I design a bespoke programme specific to the needs of your business. Destiny Achieved Coaching embraces Vision 2030 Jamaica and will endeavour to support their clients in ensuring that their business will be in alignment with this Vision.


Are you a business owner or entrepreneur with a unique message or brand? It is now time for you to step into alignment with your vision.

For support to achieve this or further information, contact:

Lorraine Givans
T: 876-848-7267

Garth Voisin…Model to Author

by Marshelle Haseley | Photos courtesy of Garth Voisin

Garth Voisin is a US-based writer from the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He is the author of “The Journey Continues- Evolve,” a book he wrote with the hope of inspiring others to dive deeper so they may grow into the better versions of themselves each day.

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In his book, he shares life-altering experiences and tips he learned along on his own journey. The book includes activities that require deep introspection—leaving each reader in a state of reflection at the end of every chapter.

At first glance, one’s first assumption would not be that he is a writer. Traditionally, writers seemed to have always manifested as middle-aged scholars, who would seem far removed from most of their potential audience. Voisin however, shows up in the world in a way that could make anyone comfortable and see him as relatable, while asserting himself in a way that effortlessly commands attention and respect.

“My mantra is, ‘Faith has to be more than a fancy saying. Faith has to be an action’,” Voisin said. “I say this because everyone prays, but fail to take actions toward what they want. People say they have faith, but they are afraid to take the leap in the direction of their dreams and goals— not me.”

Garth Voisin- 1

He recently released his second book, “My thoughts on the way over.” He has been receiving feedback proving the profound impact of his work from readers in the Caribbean and US. Readers range from the youth in Trinidad, to well- known actors in Hollywood.

This neo-Caribbean man, who now has the ability to impact a new generation of creatives said he did not see himself becoming a writer. He had options that would probably give him greater financial rewards by popular vote, but he decided to do something to make a deeper impact on a wide scale.

PANACHE asked Garth what he wanted to be as a youngster— he said, “I thought I’d be footballer at first,” after which he laughed. “I then thought I would be a celebrity trainer— writer was not on the radar, even though I’ve been journaling since I was young.”

Voisin said, “Truth is, I had a few acting gigs, and my experiences were not good.”

“I was introduced to some grimy people, and realized I was not willing to give what they wanted from me,” he said. It was as a result of the speed bumps encountered that he decided to change the trajectory of his life.

“So writing and publishing my books (which I had lots of material from writing on Facebook) was the one thing I remained passionate about, and felt good about creating, day in and day out.”

He said becoming focused on one thing allowed him to invest 100% of his creative energies. Voisin said his perception of things changed, and he realized that writing was his passion.

He realised what he felt inspired to share through writing had profound purpose attached to it. His new mindset was therefore to help as many people as possible through writing— if even one person at time.

“My motivation comes from all the things I am still able to do for my family. I’ve always had what I needed growing up, so ensuring my parents are comfortable is first on my list, and the kids having all they need is a priority,” Voisin said.

Asked if he has gotten less than favourable responses. He said, “Funny thing is when I decided to start writing was told no one would want to read my writing, so I should stick to modeling and acting. But I believe everyone will have their opinions— good and bad, favorable and unfavorable. So I guess this serves as my motivation, to prove them wrong.”

Asked how he balanced writing with modeling and personal training, Voisin said it took time, but he learned along the journey. He learned to not only seek balance, but to learn how inject his energy into one thing at time, and said this practice takes some tunnel vision at times, but by doing things fueled by passion he remains consistent and persistent in spite of how challenging they may be at times.

In closing the interview, PANACHE asked Garth a few more questions:

PANACHE: What inspired you to work on another book?
Garth: The Journey itself is inspiration. I really think that we’re put here to have experiences, good and bad, and we should share them with the ones that haven’t had them as yet. I think I just attached a purpose to my passion.

PANACHE: How has it been, making an impact on a larger scale?
Garth: It feels great! The idea behind the Journey is to share it with at least one person— and if that helps make a difference, then my job is done. So therefore, helping on a larger scale means you can’t feel anything but great about that.

PANACHE: Does being from the Caribbean make a difference in how you see life?
And does it affect how people interact with you?
Garth: That’s a great question. Being from the Caribbean does make a difference in how I see life, and how I think about where I’d like to be. I have an appreciation for how I grew up in Trinidad and the interactions with people. It’s where I learned the idea of family and community— which is ingrained in me. As for how people interact from me, it does make a difference. It’s a great conversation starter, once they hear the accent. People seem to have less walls up as their questions are initially directed toward finding out which island I am from, and how the beaches are there—or at what point of the year we’re having Carnival (hahaha).”

Garth Voisin is a man who may be generally prejudged based on his physical appearance, but he passionately continues to prove onlookers wrong along his journey by seeking to become his best self—mind, body and soul. While seeking to become his ultimate self, Voisin retains passion for inspiring others to acknowledge their innate right as human beings to do the same.

Asked what he would tell his 18- year-old self, his response was, “Don’t worry, everything will fall into place. Keep being consistent, and keep the faith.

Kristie, Kinisha & PANACHE… It’s A Celebration! #NewIssueAlert

Panache Mag June 2018PANACHE Issue 3 2018 

Kinisha, Kristie & PANACHE…We’re celebrating our win for Best Feature at this year’s CTO Travel Media Awards in New York!  If you didn’t know now you know…Story & Myth is More Than Just Beads…

In this issue, we island hop over to St. Lucia for their Jazz Festival and share with you a summer of super savings sure to entice you to make Grenada your next trip! After that you can join us at the American Black Film Festival in Miami for our exclusive interview with HBO Insecure’s Jay R. Ellis.

Other features include JMMB’s “Bold Step towards Financial Independence”; reviews of DodoCool, Shinola, ThinkSound and MIIEGO Headphones; Journeys of Fatherhood by three Jamaican Dads; Wedding Trends for 2018; Great Gifts for Him; and delight in a taste off the beaten path at Stush in the Bush… Plus so much more!

Introducing Tribe Nine by Troy Oraine Williamson

Troy Oraine Williamson, Stylist & Fashion Designer, a former dancer (he’s worked for Beyonce, MTV and X-Factor), turned entrepreneur, started Tribe Nine Studios after a brainwave moment in the Big Apple, while working at M5, a multi-branded luxury sportswear showroom. It was the amalgamation of his fashion, photography and design experience that drove him to conceptualise Tribe Nine, a multi-functional branding and design agency.

Panache Mag Apr18

Photography by Dash Productions

PANACHE: Stop! You worked for Beyonce…. BEY! Do tell us more?
Troy: (Laughs) Yeah, back in my deep dancing days. Performed Sweet Dreams with her on her Beyonce Experience Tour in O2 Arena, London. Before moving to Jamaica, I worked for twelve years as a commercial dancer, which included music videos, commercials, theatre, road shows and TV.


The London native said, “New York is all about hustling. Some people had three to four jobs so what made me different? Moving back to London I couldn’t find anything that gave me the same drive to go to work as the showroom though, that’s when I thought Tribe Nine has to be that!”

Panache Mag Apr37

The Jamaica-born designer envisioned that he could create a marketplace for a new, unapologetic brand. ”I named the company Tribe Nine because I am a ‘tribalist’, I know it’s not a word but, that is what I am! I feel that collectively we are strong, so I set out to create a space where visionaries can express freely. The number nine represents my favourite creative disciplines.”

PANACHE: “The number nine represents my favourite creative disciplines.“… Explain
Troy: Photography, Illustration, Video, Music, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Writing, Dance, Theatre – see why I don’t spell them out. The number nine also connects me with the universe.

Panache Mag Apr38

PANACHE: Do you have any events/fashion shows planned for later in the year?
Troy: My focus is really on designing a custom line, not really focused on creating a collection so much. I want each piece I create to have the personality of the person wearing it. However, I am the creative producer of Yello’s Fashion Directory, (I took over from my dear friend and business partner Dexter Pottinger) so maybe I can show a capsule collection there.

All Tribe Nine products are lovingly handmade in Jamaica.

Instagram: @tribeninestudios or @iamtroyoraine
Facebook: Tribe Nine Studios

Deep in the Wood Work with Tamara Harding

Trees sprout up from the earth- fed by the soil, maintained by water, and given energy from sunlight. They expand- extending toward the clouds, stretching branches and digging roots deep and wide. Development and a myriad of human ventures see many trees being cut. But isn’t it a wonderful thought that somehow we can keep these trees in our spaces after they are cut? So they can somehow continue to add that powerful earth element to our spaces. Tamara Harding, the creator of Mara Made Designs may have had this thought, resulting in what may be among the most remarkable pieces of functional art in the world. A body of work which emerged in shapes and forms from trees – “Blue Mountains to Mocho.”

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Photos courtesy of Tamara Harding

“The magic begins before the tree is cut,” she said with excitement shining through her eyes.

Walking into her workspace, you’d first see sawdust like snow, huge blocks and trunks of trees. You’d see strong men paying close attention to the instructions coming from a relatively smaller frame assertively guiding the team- clothed in overalls and protective gear. You would then receive the warmest greeting in a cheerful tone, accompanied by a beautiful smile from the leader of the team. That is the duality that is Tamara “Mara” Harding.


Tamara speaks to us in her living room, opening up about her journey as a dyslexic tomboy with a high IQ. A child who absorbed information a little differently from most- but clearly had the ability to express it in ways that were nothing less than clever, original, and inventive. “Being dyslexic was almost definitive of my nature. It required me finding other ways to get things done. I had to work on the traditional ways of learning, and creating.” A deep appreciation and exploration of her whole self as an individual was also another defining quality of Harding. She describes herself as the teenager who cared about her nails and ballet, but also thoroughly enjoyed playing competitive water polo. This “ebb and flow” of her nature, as she calls it, is what she flows over into her creations. It was a moment of awe, discovering that “Mara” was not formally trained to do what she now does. She was not trained in woodwork, metalwork or visual arts- yet she creates some of the most stunning pieces to be found in homes, restaurants and boardrooms all around Jamaica.


Deepak Chopra speaks of the fact that “…even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might not have imagined.” This is likely to have been the case with Harding. After being involved in the business of doing home renovations, followed by running a successful advertising agency with her husband, Zachary- she still experienced what she described as a “feeling of urgency- like time was running out.” The feeling of urgency came along with the feeling of a need for a more holistic and deeply purposeful, passion-filled day to day kind of productivity. In response to these prodigious changes, after five years of operation and tremendous growth- the doors of “Agency 20Seven” were closed. The closure of her corporate business operations allowed her the time and silence- which gave way to her spending more time with herself and more time for mindfulness in nature, which allowed a creative awakening. An inspiration which prompted her to act- gaining momentum, propelling her love for creating to where it has now become a booming business driven by passion and purpose.

15803787_223653158044955_8005911110957924352_n.jpg ‎- Photos 8182017 105800 AM.bmp
And like a tree, she is rejuvenated by nature with her feet in the soil, at the beach or rivers, her soul being maintained by water and absorbing energy from the sun’s rays. She is expanding- extending toward the clouds, stretching and digging roots deep and wide.

Deepak Chopra speaks of the fact that,“Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might not have imagined.”

The work by Mara Made Designs speaks for itself- when you experience it, you will feel it!|P