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PANACHE produces a range of glossy magazines focused on lifestyle titles for both male and female readers for both business and consumers.


PANACHE is the premiere fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for young Caribbean women. The editorial content is fresh, young and modern, and PANACHE strives to be “The trusted voice on Caribbean Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle”. The print and online glossy covers a plethora of topics including fashion, beauty, career, health, finance, travel, food, lifestyle, love, sex and more.




Published on Mar 10, 2017 for JPS 

ON Magazine is the Lifestyle Magazine Powered by JPS! This year’s issue is a true Collector’s Edition filled with great stories from amazing women in Jamaica including covergirl-JPS President & CEO, Kelly Tomblin who shares words of advice and wisdom. Other great reads include: 5 Ways To Be On Purpose by Krystal Tomlinson; Sisterhood: Sweetness For Your Soul by Ruthlyn Johnson; 10 Tips For Keeping Fit & Healthy by Kamila McDonald and so much more. Do Enjoy!

ON Magazine 2017 was produced by PANACHE Communications.


Caribbean Travel & Lifestyle Magazine

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