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Sennheiser PXC 550 Review


Written by DJ Courtney

Let me start by saying I’m now torn, as I recently did a review of the Sony 1000XM2 which is comparable, and in my opinion they are both on par, but let me get into the details.


Unboxing the headphone was the first time I noticed was how good they looked and felt. Included in the box, was a very simple case, which includes a micro USB cable, wired connection jack, a connection to use on airplanes, the manual -which I normally don’t read, however, that changed quickly as understanding the functionality wasn’t as easy as I expected.


As was expected from Sennheiser, the headphone had some great features, the noise-cancelling was excellent with a switch that adjusts ambience. You can use gestures on the right ear up, to stop/play/forward/next track etc., however the only drawback, these features were very sensitive.


Another feature, which I found interesting, was how to turn off the device. This was done by closing the Headphone and to turn it on, you open them. Initially, I had my reservations in regards to the call quality while using the headphone, but that soon changed when I installed the app, which allowed me to adjust the setting to my preference. After I charged the headphone for about 4hrs-I’ve been using it for a combined 17hrs so far.

So why should you buy it… because it’s made by Sennheiser, & I’m a DJ so I should know- Just kidding.


The truth is, the Sennheiser PCX550 has great sound, quality, durability & a reputation that speaks for itself. This headphone can more than compete with its competitors in the same price range.

Meze Audio 99 Classics Walnut Gold

Written by Marshelle Haseley

Imagine a piece of nature emitting music into your soul—that is the Meze Audio 99 Classics Walnut Gold. It is one of the most beautiful and skilfully designed pieces of electronic device on the market, coupled with a clean and superior sound quality.
The amazement begins with its sleek, black hard EVA carrying pouch. Upon opening the pouch, the stunning dominant hand finished, walnut wood earcups and gold-plated accents of the electroplated precision die-cast zinc alloy hardware are bound to attract lovers of music, who are fascinated by fashionable, functional art.

Marshalle 4
The fatigue- resistant chromium-manganese alloy spring metal band ensures a comfortable fit, assisted by the self-adjusting PU headband. The soft PU leather ear pads with medium density memory foams give the most luxurious headphone experience—aesthetically matching the sonic splendour we expect from Meze.

Marshalle 3
Photography by Azlan Mohammed

The detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables with machined aluminium casing ensure ease and durability. This antique-meets-modern piece is built to last, and is compatible with Apple, Android, Window, and other devices.

Marshalle 2
Listening to any genre of music on this fine piece from Meze Audio takes the listener on a journey—every instrument becomes audible, enhancing the listening experience beyond the imagination.

Meze audio full page add sept 11
The Meze Audio 99 Classics Walnut Gold is a must get for all music lovers who enjoy music, and fine, classic, luxurious experiences.

The Sony 1000XM2 Review

Review By DJ Courtney | Photo courtesy of Sony

Let me start by saying this, I love these damn Sony 1000XM2 Headphones, I’m not even sure what colour it is, because depending on the lighting it may look gold or cream. Either way, with its brilliant finish, it’s just nice to look at.

Panache Mag August 201817
Photography by Oneil Banton

During the unboxing of the headphones I normally don’t read the features, so when I connected to the Bluetooth, I was prompted that an app was available & that it could also be upgraded. So I followed the instructions, let me tell you, this is one of the most feature-packed headphones I’ve ever used, but that wasn’t all, when I looked at the controls on the headphones I decided to take a quick glance, well guess what, I found a feature that is simply amazing.

Photography by Sony

Say you’re listening to music & you see someone who wants to talk to you, you can simply hold your hand over the right ear cup, where the controls are located, the music goes almost into a soft mode & you are able to hear the person speaking without removing the Headphones. Boooooommm!


So let’s get to the real deal, after charging it for couple hours, I connected my iPhone via Bluetooth, which was as easy as can be. Since then, I’ve been using it for about a week, and trust me when I say it’s been a very happy experience. The sound from these Sony 1000XM2 Headphones is awesome, crystal clear & you get very good bass in your listening experience. However, I’m still iffy as it relates to call quality when you’re answering your phone.


A strong selling point for this Sony Headphone is its noise-cancelling feature, and let me tell you, they do an excellent job with it. To be frank, that’s the best feature about these Headphones.


To top it off it’s also very comfortable & adjustable, which is perfect in certain situations.Even though it is being marketed as a Bluetooth headphone, it does include a cord attachment for wired connection. So being a professional DJ, I decided to test it out at a gig and the result was wonderful. Problem is, the noise cancelling feature was too damn good, I couldn’t even hear the crowd response, but because of its adjustability, I was able to use it on one ear, which was perfect.


As it related to the battery life, I charged the Headphones once and I’ve used it for up to 5 days for about 5 hours per day & it was still going. Product info stated that while using Bluetooth it can work for 30 hours, which is ideal in any situation. It also includes a quick charge feature.


The Headphone comes with a very neat case, which includes a Micro USB & a Wire connector. Overall I’m extremely pleased with these Headphones, the truth is they are now my go-to Headphones and will be with me all the time.


Finally, I’ve seen where they have compared these to the Bose (which I haven’t tested yet) and I’ve read that they are rated basically the same. Well let me tell you this, I’m good over here, I’m with Sony.


The Sennheiser Review: HD 25 Robin Schulz Limited Edition

Review By DJ Courtney

This review of the Sennheiser HD 25 Robin Schulz Edition headphones was done at the Morning Medz event which I DJ-ed at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica; so I decided that would be where I would test them live.

Photography by Oneil Banton

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of white DJ Headphones as I find them hard to maintain. Plus given that the event was a breakfast party, initially, I had my doubts, because the morning was extremely hot. However, when I finished they were easy to clean, as for functionality, I was already familiar with the HD25 and they performed exceptionally as was expected.
Most people would probably already know that the Sennheiser HD25 is very popular worldwide, having been around from the 80s. So the focus of this review is to see what the differences with this Robin Schulz Edition are. So let’s get into the details because they are still one of the best DJ Headphones on the market.

Panache Mag August 201811
Photography by Oneil Banton

They are extremely comfortable for a DJ and also for general use. These are probably the lightest professional headphones on the market, the sound is totally amazing and in my opinion even better now, with just the right amount of balance to your ears, great bass and the mid & highs are super clean, basically, you’re hearing every instrument on a track cleanly.

Product Photos courtesy of Sennheiser

The design is the same, they may seem simple, but they are extremely strong and can take a drop without getting a scratch. It has the split headband for adjustment on your head, closed-back design, flip-away ear cups if you need to listen to the crowd, and a 1/4 inch screw-on jack. The other great thing about the HD25 is that the parts are replaceable, like the ear cups etc., so I’m assuming, these will be also.

It’s hard doing a review for these headphones as almost every DJ in the world who have used one will tell you it’s in the top 5 available in the market, it’s a winner no matter what.
So I’m basically going to say these Headphones are now white with the branding of Robin Schulz, who is a great DJ, who has now teamed up with an already great headphone, & they are also Limited Edition, so who am I to complain.

Review: DodoCool Headphones

By DJ Courtney

I was fortunate to be travelling when I got the Dodocool DA158 to test & review, here goes.


Photo courtesy of Dodocool
I’m a DJ by design so my standards are high. The Dodocool DA158 is ideal as an entry-level wireless headphone for people who like to listen to music.
Firstly, the design is good and the headphones are foldable and compact- thus great for when you’re on the go. It also comes with a nice & sturdy carrying case, which might seem bulky at first, but fits perfectly for travelling needs. I primarily used these headphones while in airplanes & walking around Las Vegas, so there was no shortage of opportunity to test the noise cancelling feature and overall I’d give it an average rating.
Even though these headphones are wireless, the Dodocool DA158 has the capability of using a headphone jack which is included in the box, and that’s a big plus! The Dodocool DA158 easily pairs to any Bluetooth device and to top that, when it came to answering calls it was magical. I heard my callers clearly and vice versa, it has mics built in the headphones…. Genius!
As for the battery life, the company states that the headphones can “provide up to 14 hours of playtime with a full charge.” I’ve used it for at least 8 continuous hours without needing to plug in, and that’s a definite plus for me.
In relation to comfort, it’s acceptable, however, after a while it felt a bit uncomfortable, but truth be told if you’re wearing it for long periods- that is expected.
Overall, I would certainly recommend these headphones, especially at the price point that they come (~$80USD) and again the big plus factor, is the ability to use a headphone jack even though it’s wireless.


MIIEGO AL3: The Perfect Fit for a Busy Lifestyle


Today we are reviewing the Miiego AL3+ Freedom for women. First of all the presentation of the box is beautiful, the colours on the box are a true representation of the device contained inside, this is the Rose Gold Edition.

Opening the box we were presented with a really nice and sleek looking headphone, the headphone has smooth rose gold earpieces and a black flex wire that goes around the back of the head. The headphone really easy to set up and use, it fits easily on your head and gives a nice snug feeling which makes moving about very easy and worry-free. We took the headphone into the gym where we had our model go through a workout process with the headphone, it was perfect; through her spin class, outdoor obstacles and even her weightlifting session.

We would definitely give the Miiego AL3+ Freedom for women a 10 out of 10, this genius way of getting headphones to stay firm and comfortably on your head while going through your everyday activities. The battery life is really amazing, now let us talk about sound quality; on par with most of the expensive brands out now, it almost gives you a sense of noise cancelling but it’s not full noise cancelling but that is how good these headphones are. Sweating in your headphones is no longer an issue the covers for your headphones easily absorbs your sweat and give you a dry and comfortable fit for all your sweaty situations.

We would recommend the Miiego AL3+ Freedom to our female readers, so go out and get this headphone as a part of your new gym accessory. A word to Miiego, men are into rose gold too, so you guys could look into a male branded packaging in the future.


VMODA Crossfade II Wireless… The Stylishly Sculpted Sound

Reviewed by Tricia Williamson | Photography by Craig Harley

One of the things I love most about reviewing headphones, starts with the experience of unpacking from those brown shipping boxes. Once you get through that, what you’ll find with most luxury premium headphones is that they are packaged in big white beautifully designed square boxes (not that I am complaining). However, this experience with the VModa Crossfade II Wireless (Milano Design) was different. The signature hexagonal packaging of black and orange gets you excited at the very sight of it. While many brands will present the headphones and a bag tucked inside, your Crossfade II Wireless steps up the game a notch with a black hard shell that opens like an oyster revealing its hidden gem. This exoskeleton case is the perfect companion for this stylishly sculpted sound samurai and will always keep it well protected.

Panache Mag Apr- MagCloud13
Photography by Craig Harley

A work of art of leather and metal, offering great compact fold, the Crossfade II Wireless delivers sound quality that is excellent, crisp and clear. It has an immersive soundstage, with sculpted bass and nicely balanced sound. It is a top contender among premium options and is a fun headphone for audiophiles. After listening for a few hours, while lying in bed, I am a fan of the ergonomic steel flex headband. The fit is close but not bothersome, and the memory foam cushions are soft on the ears. It is heavier, in comparison to the Bowers & Wilkins PX which we reviewed in the last issue.


There is no active noise cancellation, which is a modern feature I have come to love in premium headphones. Nevertheless, there was good noise isolation. This Crossfade II Wireless is also a wired hybrid. In the wired mode, the sound quality is very good. That said, my only issue is that I would prefer volume controls on the Speak Easy Mic Cable (included) because while in wired mode the controls on the headphones disable and you are forced to adjust on your phone/device. When in wireless mode though, the ease of button use is a breeze. Plus pairing with my Samsung Note 8 was a walk in the park.

Photos courtesy of VMODA

Lastly, with a 14-hour battery life, you won’t need to charge for a few days. All in all, the Crossfade II Wireless is a cool, stylish choice for audiophiles looking for great headphones without the fuss.

The VMODA Crossfade Wireless II Headphones are available online ($330USD) at v-moda.com

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The Sound, Substance and Style of Shinola

Reviewed by DJ Courtney | Photography by Craig Harley

So I recently received a pair of the Shinola Canfield Over-Ear Headphones to review for the magazine, and after a week of using it, I must say, “These are some damn good headphones!”

Panache Mag Apr9
“Acoustically tuned by sound engineers and tested in Detroit,” states the company website. I chose to assess this Shinola while I was DJing at events in Jamaica and I am glad I did, because I have now parked my Pioneer Headphones and now use them exclusively.

Firstly, the Shinola Canfield Over-Ear Headphones are beautifully crafted luxury headphones that have been made of the finest material. The headphones feature: stainless steel components, interchangeable lambskin ear cushions, and a genuine leather headband. I have received several compliments on the quality of the craftsmanship, especially how they look and feel. However, what I admire most are the magnetic ear cups, which makes them easy to snap on & off. In terms of comfort, I need to get used to them, as they do fit a bit snug, but I’ll work them in over time.

As for the sound quality, it is vivid and clean and though the Shinola Canfield Over-Ear headphones are not the best for DJing, I have found them to be perfect for me. With these headphones, there is not too much bass or treble, but the audio is clear enough for good mixing; plus they are also noise-cancelling.


The Shinola Canfield Over-Ear uses a 50-mm dynamic driver and the headphones feature a built-in remote with volume control and an in-line microphone. At first, I thought, this wouldn’t be ideal for spinning, but to my surprise, it came in handy, offering quick access for volume adjustment. The drawback I found was that I needed to plug in both connections to each ear cup for sound. As a DJ, I need to move around at times and this can prove to be a bit of a restriction, nevertheless, I’m getting used to that and it’s not a major issue.I really love these headphones, especially when I use them with my iPhone every day.
Lastly, I can honestly say, the Shinola Canfield Over-Ear Headphones “Beats” a certain competitor easily!

The Canfield Over-Ear Headphones ($450 USD) are available for purchase at http://www.shinola.com where you can also find the complete Canfield Headphone collection.

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In A League All Its Own…Meet The Perfect Headphones of 2017

The Bowers & Wilkins’ PX is by far the best wireless headphones reviewed by PANACHE Magazine. From the moment you receive the box, you fall in love with the clean modern design. This beautifully crafted work of art is every audiophile’s dream. This is the first headphone whose fit is perfect- not too slack nor too tight with over the ear cups that nestle in just right. Unlike other brands, even after hours of playing, there is no pain or tightness from the cushioned headband forcing you to retreat from your solace. For hours of listening the PX is your trusted companion that stays with you through it all. Congratulations to Bowers & Wilkins on the level of thought and love that went into the sleek design of the PX- the decades of experience truly shine through.


The PX and its app which you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play comes with intelligent controls that respond naturally to your behaviour- this listening experience is totally intuitive. Imagine pausing your music with just a lift of an ear up; or needing to go to another room and experiencing zero interruptions in your listening experience (the Bluetooth is great). This headphone is smart- just remember that when the music resumes it will be at the volume level you left the settings in (so don’t give yourself a surprise blast by listening to high volumes).

The innovative noise cancellation the PX presents is unmatched, with a simple tap on the app you filter out distractions and become more in tune with the music. The level of refinement in blocking out environment sounds without distorting your listening experience is groundbreaking. There are three environment filters: Flight, City and Office and you can choose the isolation that best suits your needs at the time. So from bustling traffic to office gossip, you can set your customization to limit the distractions.

The soundstage is phenomenal and it delivers a clear sound that makes you feel like you are in the studio. It doesn’t matter what you stream reggae, dancehall, pop, rock or hip-hop; from Bob Marley to Beethoven- the PX delivers the best audio quality with good mids and highs and a deep base. For best sound, do keep the wireless adaptive noise cancellation off and the experience is still excellent given its strong isolation.

The “no fuss” buttons for the PX which control volume up and down, next and back are located on the right side and great to use. Bob Marley said, “When the music hits, you feel no pain,” the PX delivers sound as it should be heard. Headphones are always a personal choice whether it’s a Bose, Sennheiser or Sony; however, hands down the PX is the best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones of 2017. At the end of the day, your investment in a pair of headphones boils down to sound and the Bowers & Wilkins’ PX is worth every penny.

Sound Quality: 10/10
Comfort: 9.5/10
Aesthetic: 9/10
Wireless/Bluetooth: 10/10
Adaptive Noise Cancellation: 9.5/10

Bowers & Wilkins PX, $399.99, available at Amazon

  • From Bob Marley to Beethoven- the Bowers & Wilkins’ PX delivers the best audio quality.
  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headphones – customize to limit distractions in your environment.
  • Need to pause the music- just lift an ear cup (go do what you need to do) and simply put it on back to resume playing. The PX has been perfectly crafted to naturally respond to you.
  • Best Wireless Bluetooth technology and excellent battery life.
  • From packaging to product, the design aesthetic is clean, sleek and modern.
  • The headband and over-ear cups are a perfect fit and offer top-notch comfort.

PANACHE Magazine authentically reviews products we think you’ll love. PANACHE has no affiliate partnerships, PANACHE does not get share of the revenue from your purchase.

Photography courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins