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The Sennheiser Review: HD 25 Robin Schulz Limited Edition

Review By DJ Courtney

This review of the Sennheiser HD 25 Robin Schulz Edition headphones was done at the Morning Medz event which I DJ-ed at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica; so I decided that would be where I would test them live.

Photography by Oneil Banton

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of white DJ Headphones as I find them hard to maintain. Plus given that the event was a breakfast party, initially, I had my doubts, because the morning was extremely hot. However, when I finished they were easy to clean, as for functionality, I was already familiar with the HD25 and they performed exceptionally as was expected.
Most people would probably already know that the Sennheiser HD25 is very popular worldwide, having been around from the 80s. So the focus of this review is to see what the differences with this Robin Schulz Edition are. So let’s get into the details because they are still one of the best DJ Headphones on the market.

Panache Mag August 201811
Photography by Oneil Banton

They are extremely comfortable for a DJ and also for general use. These are probably the lightest professional headphones on the market, the sound is totally amazing and in my opinion even better now, with just the right amount of balance to your ears, great bass and the mid & highs are super clean, basically, you’re hearing every instrument on a track cleanly.

Product Photos courtesy of Sennheiser

The design is the same, they may seem simple, but they are extremely strong and can take a drop without getting a scratch. It has the split headband for adjustment on your head, closed-back design, flip-away ear cups if you need to listen to the crowd, and a 1/4 inch screw-on jack. The other great thing about the HD25 is that the parts are replaceable, like the ear cups etc., so I’m assuming, these will be also.

It’s hard doing a review for these headphones as almost every DJ in the world who have used one will tell you it’s in the top 5 available in the market, it’s a winner no matter what.
So I’m basically going to say these Headphones are now white with the branding of Robin Schulz, who is a great DJ, who has now teamed up with an already great headphone, & they are also Limited Edition, so who am I to complain.


Stush In The Bush: Best Off The Beaten Path


Written by Tricia Williamson | Photos courtesy of Stush In The Bush

Stush in the Bush at Zionites Farm, nestled in the hills of Free Hill, Bamboo St. Ann, Jamaica is a 15-acre organic farm. The brainchild of Lisa and Chris Binns, this farm-to-table tour reflects a true love with nature. Nature blends with stushness to give you a unique gourmet experience made from homegrown ingredients.


Stush in the Bush is unapologetic in its authenticity and is all about the experience.


Many traditional crops are grown on the farm in addition to exotic vegetables that are used to freshly create preserves, dressings and sauces that excite your taste buds. Beautiful farm to table lunches are the hallmark of the farm. So be sure to book your reservation early!


Beyond the food, it’s a great farm tour that focuses on tasting as well- so you enjoy the tastes of pineapples, sugar cane, coconut water fresh from nature as you learn about the land, plants and their medicinal properties.


Visit http://www.stushinthebush.com for more info

Kristie, Kinisha & PANACHE… It’s A Celebration! #NewIssueAlert

Panache Mag June 2018PANACHE Issue 3 2018 

Kinisha, Kristie & PANACHE…We’re celebrating our win for Best Feature at this year’s CTO Travel Media Awards in New York!  If you didn’t know now you know…Story & Myth is More Than Just Beads…

In this issue, we island hop over to St. Lucia for their Jazz Festival and share with you a summer of super savings sure to entice you to make Grenada your next trip! After that you can join us at the American Black Film Festival in Miami for our exclusive interview with HBO Insecure’s Jay R. Ellis.

Other features include JMMB’s “Bold Step towards Financial Independence”; reviews of DodoCool, Shinola, ThinkSound and MIIEGO Headphones; Journeys of Fatherhood by three Jamaican Dads; Wedding Trends for 2018; Great Gifts for Him; and delight in a taste off the beaten path at Stush in the Bush… Plus so much more!

PANACHE Magazine Wins Big at CTO Travel Media Awards In New York

Best Feature by Caribbean Journalist for a Caribbean Media

June 8, 2018, New York, USA

Kinisha and Tricia
Kinisha Correia (L), award-winning journalist, and Tricia Williamson, CEO & Editorial Director, PANACHE, proudly display their winning award at the recent Caribbean Travel Media Awards in New York.

PANACHE Magazine (the flagship travel and lifestyle magazine from the PANACHE Digital Media family), has won the Best Feature Award that appeared in a Caribbean-based media by a Caribbean-based Journalist.  This was announced at the coveted Caribbean Travel Media Awards in New York on Friday, June 8, 2018.

The award-winning feature, “More than Just Beads: Story and Myth,” which was written by Kinisha Correia, was published in the October 2017 issue and showcased the work of Story & Myth, a Jamaican brand which specialises in, “island-inspired handmade jewellery.”   The four-page feature, which included photography by Niesha Brown, was a unique celebration of stunning earthiness behind each Story & Myth bracelet and necklace.  The feature shared details on how each bead is made and highlighted the fact that they are created by local artisans, many of whom are physically disabled.   The creations of these individuals provide them with much-needed income for their families.


Tricia Williamson, CEO and Editorial Director of PANACHE Magazine, said, “We are honoured by this achievement.  This win speaks volumes to our unwavering commitment to being the voice for Jamaican and Caribbean stories that truly connect with our readers. I commend Kinisha on the way she utilised her writing prowess to produce such a well-written story that captured the imagination of the readers and I am forever grateful to Story & Myth for allowing us to share their powerful story through our magazine.”

Award-winning writer, Kinisha Correia, shared, “I’m appreciative and honoured that my work has been recognized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). I’m also proud that the piece selected was on a business creating change by weaving environmental and socially conscious practices into its work. Winning this award strengthens the message that business can be a force for good in the region. I’m grateful to be a part of that cultural shift.”

Kristie Stephenson, owner of Story & Myth, added that she was, “…thrilled and excited that these long time oral mythical stories are getting acknowledged in the mainstream.”

This was PANACHE’s first time participating in the prestigious travel media awards and along with the historic win; the magazine was also a finalist for Best Photograph Accompanying a Feature.  The image by Ikenna Douglas, which was displayed on the PANACHE Magazine Cover of April 2017, was the entry in this Category.

We’re very proud and excited at PANACHE!  This win is a “celebration of excellence” and we are humbled to know that our efforts are seen in that light!  We are also truly grateful for the recognition of our Caribbean talent by the CTO, as we know that this will serve as motivation to other upcoming Caribbean journalists,” shared Tricia Williamson.


PANACHE Communications/ PANACHE Digital Media is a magazine publishing and digital marketing company based in Jamaica and the USA. PANACHE Magazine is published six times annually in print on demand via Magcloud and free digital editions at www.panachejamagazine.com

For more info, visit www.panachedigital.media

About the CTO Travel Media Awards

The Caribbean tourism industry cherishes its strong relationship with the media and in appreciation for their constant positive coverage of the region, recognizes media for influencing their readers to travel to the Caribbean.  This recognition took place in New York City during Caribbean Week New York.

To honour the media’s exceptional work in promoting the Caribbean, in feature print, broadcast and online, we invite CTO government members, their public relations agencies and journalists to provide us with their top media placements for 2017 on CTO member countries. Awards will be presented to journalists from US and Caribbean-based media.

For more info, visit: http://www.onecaribbean.org

We Won! PANACHE Magazine Wins at CTO Travel Media Awards In New York

Kinisha Correia wins the coveted Best Feature by Caribbean Journalist for a Caribbean Media award for the beautifully penned feature on Story & Myth

Kinisha and Tricia

Congratulations to Kinisha Correia (l) who penned the award-winning #BestFeature on Story & Myth for PANACHE Magazine. Sharing in the moment is Tricia Williamson, CEO & Editorial Director, PANACHE.


The award for Best Feature by a Caribbean Journalist in Caribbean Media was presented at the prestigious CTO Travel Media Awards in New York on June 7 during #CaribbeanWeekNewYork |

We’re Finalists! PANACHE Magazine is up for two CTO Travel Media Awards

WE’RE Finalists 😀😀😀!!! #PANACHEMagazine is pleased to share that we are finalists in the upcoming CTO Travel Media Awards 2018 in New York, June 7! #CaribbeanWeekNewYork@ctotourism
Kudos to Kinisha and IKenna for their great work and nominations!

CTO Travel Media Awards 2018 finalist-p
BEST FEATURE by a Caribbean Journalist – “More Than Just Beads: Story and Myth” @storyandmyth by KINISHA CORREIA | PANACHE Magazine October 2017


BEST PHOTOGRAPH accompanying a feature –
PANACHE Magazine Cover April 2017 by IKENNA DOUGLAS @idouglasphoto 


Check out our feature on IKenna Douglas here!

“We’re very proud at PANACHE for our works being selected as finalists! It’s a celebration of excellence and we are grateful for the honour of this recognition of our Caribbean talent,” shared Tricia Williamson @twill876, PANACHE CEO/ Editorial Director.

Kudos #TeamPANACHE!

About the CTO Travel Media Awards

The Caribbean tourism industry cherishes its strong relationship with the media and in appreciation for their constant positive coverage of the region, recognizes media for influencing their readers to travel to the Caribbean.  This recognition will take place on June 7, 2018 in New York City during Caribbean Week New York.

To honor the media’s exceptional work in promoting the Caribbean, in feature print, broadcast and online we invite CTO government members, their public relations agencies and journalists to provide us with their top media placements for 2017 on CTO member countries.

Awards will be presented to journalists from US and Caribbean-based media.

For more info, visit: http://www.onecaribbean.org

The Fearless Joy Spence

Interview by Tricia Williamson

The original visitor centre at the Appleton Estate was opened in 1988 and 30 years later, on Thursday, January 18, 2018 it was reopened, as the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience (JSAERE). The facility is now four times its original size, and features a restaurant and lounge, a jerk pit, and a theatre. At the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience, visitors will enjoy a guided tour of the artefacts that tell the history of the Appleton Estate, Jamaica’s oldest sugar estate and distillery which is still in continuous production mode. In the distillery, visitors will view the copper pot stills that are unique to the Appleton Estate and which give our rums their distinctive character. They will then visit one of the company’s aging houses, where our rums rest in oak barrels for up to 50 years, before sampling fresh sugar cane juice, as well as wet sugar – a combination of brown sugar and molasses. In this issue of PANACHE, we had the great honour of sitting down one-on-one with the lady behind it all- the world’s first female Master Blender, Dr. Joy Spence, OD.

Panache Mag Apr12

Photography by Craig Harley

PANACHE: What was your first experience with rum?
Joy Spence: My first encounter with rum was when I actually joined the company, because I never drank rum before that. So I started working in the laboratory as a Chief Chemist, where we test for various blends, do sensory analysis and also taste. The first time I tasted Appleton Estate 12 year old rum, I said, “Oh my gosh, this is such an amazing complex spirit with wonderful flavours! I was detecting vanilla, coffee, cocoa, almond, a little of orange and I just didn’t know that rum could be so complex. I just thought at the time that rum was a very harsh spirit and all you’d be getting is the smell of the alcohol, but didn’t know it had all these beautiful flavours in it. That’s how I fell in love with rum.

PANACHE: Who was your mentor and what was that relationship like?
Joy: My mentor was Owen Tulloch. We had a wonderful relationship (smiles). You know most people in the company feared him [Laughs] and didn’t want to go into his office, but we got on so well. You know I am the sort of person who considers that there are only two answers to any sort of question- yes or no. I am fearless. So I knocked on his door and went in and shared that I was very fascinated with the work he was doing. I saw him as an artist in the whole process whereas I saw myself as more as the scientist. I wanted to get more involved with the artistry so he took me under his wings. He showed me how the various rums aged over time and how the various flavours developed. I worked with him for 17 years and when he retired I was appointed Master Blender.

Vintage - Joy when she was appointed Maseter Blender in 1997 - 2

PANACHE: Describe the experience of becoming a Master Blender, the first female to be bestowed that honour in the world.
Joy: When I was appointed Master Blender, we started doing some research and realised that internationally there was no other female Master Blender in the entire spirits industry. And I couldn’t believe it! I thought, here I am just a little Jamaican woman… (Laughs) Breaking this milestone and actually breaking the glass ceiling for other females in the industry and I really felt proud as a Jamaican.


PANACHE: What attracted you to work at Appleton?
Joy: I was working at Tia Maria as the Research Chemist right next door to J. Wray and Nephew Limited. At that time I was just working on one product at Tia Maria and I became very bored because I love to multi-task. So on my days of boredom, I would look across the fence and see lots of activity taking place- tankers rolling in and a lot of people looking very busy. And I thought that it looked like an interesting place to work. So I sent my resume over there, they called me in for an interview. Though at the time they didn’t have a vacancy, they were very impressed with my resume and two weeks later they called with a position they had created for me. I was offered the position of Chief Chemist and that’s how I joined the company.


PANACHE: That’s excellent. On another note, given your work with Appleton, is there a personal favourite you have in the brand?
Joy: Ahhh, it depends on the occasion. If I am just drinking everyday like at a party or just relaxing in my garden at home, I’ll have Appleton Estate Reserve. For very sophisticated occasions, I’ll have the Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old or the 21 Year old Rum.
However, in terms of the blends that I have developed, the one I would say is closest to my heart is, the Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend, because I was asked to create this blend in celebration of my 20 years as Master Blender, and given the fact that they named the rum in my honour.


PANACHE: There’s no comparison anywhere where a company has bestowed such honour on its Master Blender, from the rum to this new tour. How does that feel?
Joy: Ohhhh can you imagine (laughs), I’m still in a state of shock. I still can’t believe when I am driving on the road and I see the road signs with my name on the sign and I think to myself “Oh my gosh, that’s my name.”
When the Managing Director told me last year May, while I was away in Milan, that he had something to tell me and he said, “I have decided to name the rum experience after you.”
So I said, “Hold on, I was just in a meeting and the name of the experience is going to be the Appleton Estate Rum Experience!” So here it is I am telling the Managing Director and so he asks me, “So who is the Managing Director? I am and I am telling you that I have decided to name this facility after you.”
Tears just started to flow.


PANACHE: When it comes to your work what is your philosophy in life?
Joy: I am very passionate about anything that I do. Even for the simplest task I apply passion to it. I am very creative and I think outside the box, then I put my own little flair, passion and creativity into it. I look at flavours that were not traditionally seen as rum flavours.

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PANACHE: How do you innovate with a heritage product like Appleton with such a rich history?
Joy: The interesting thing is that we have many different styles of rum at Appleton and all of them are aging uniquely. So even after 25 years these rums develop different flavours during the aging process. We have rums as old as 50 years developing very unique flavour profiles. They provide many bases to work with over the years that it is never exhausted and that makes it so unique and fascinating.

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PANACHE: What are some of the obstacles you have faced and how have you overcome them?
Joy: Interestingly, as a female Master Blender I didn’t have a lot of obstacles, most persons knew that I was working in the industry before as a Chief Chemist and had spent years understudying the previous Master Blender. So I didn’t have difficulties as a female, where people showed negative reactions to me. And when I was first appointed, I thought that journalists would give me a hard time, but it was absolutely not the case. They embraced me.
The area where I have the biggest problem is when I travel and have to deal with immigration and customs. They never ever believe that I have this occupation. They give me a hard time and think that I am actually making it up. I remember I was in Miami International Airport and the Customs Officer asked me, “What do you do?” I replied that I was a “Rum Master Blender”and he looked at me and said, “Really now? This is the best excuse I have heard for a profession in a long time.” And of course, I was coming from Jamaica so he drilled me with more questions. Then, the Customs Officer next door to him, started to listen to this conversation and he looked across and he recognized me from the Travel Channel. He then jumped off his seat and came over and said, “Oh my god, you are the rum lady! You know how long I have wanted to meet you,” and shook my hand.
My customs officer then believed me and apologized.

The picturesque Nassau Valley, St. Elizabeth

PANACHE: You have met many people throughout your life as a Master Blender, who would you say has been the most memorable.
Joy: Let me take a moment to think about it, I have met so many wonderful people… I would say Bobby Flay (laughs) and Andrew Zimmern … simply because I’m a foodie too! I was so fascinated that I could sit and talk with these persons about their skills and how they became very famous Chefs.

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PANACHE: With all this wealth of knowledge how do you pass it on for the next generation?
Joy: Well, I used to teach before I went into the rum manufacturing business and so at work I am always teaching and always passing on my knowledge. I am not selfish with my knowledge at all. So I will sit down with the workers in the blending hall or my own staffers in my department and say, “Look, this is how you’re going to grow in the business, these are the tricks of the trade and this is what you need to know.” They call me ‘Mommy,’ ‘Äuntie’ (Laughs).

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PANACHE: What’s been your proudest moment in all your years?
Joy: Well, I have two. The first was being honoured with the Commander of Distinction from the Jamaican Government. Then the proudest moment was when I was here for the opening and cutting of the ribbon at the launch of this new rum experience tour and facility.

Overview of the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience

PANACHE: Any thoughts for anyone who may be considering a future as a Master Blender?
Joy: I would recommend to any young female looking to enter the business to ensure that they have very good sensory skills because that is the baseline for becoming a great Master Blender. They should be creative and have good knowledge of the rum manufacturing process. They should also be passionate and should always give 110% to whatever they are doing. And most importantly, they should always be humble. Once you have all those qualities you will be successful.

PANACHE: Excellent Advice, are you on social media?
Joy: (Laughs) The company has a site, but no I don’t have a personal presence there. You know why?

Joy: I have seen so many instances where persons get into a web of confusion by just making one innocent comment on their personal site. Happens all the time, so I said, you know something, if I was just a little unknown person… yes, but once you’re in this realm and you have your brand, I have decided that whatever is going to be there is going to be through the company.The company decides exactly what they are going to say on social media, but I stay away from making personal comments.

PANACHE: Is there anything that you haven’t done yet that you would love to do?
Joy: Two things… I have been to New Zealand about four times, I think it is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. I would love to be able to take my family there for them to actually experience that beautiful country. And secondly, I have always wanted to go to Botswana, my dream one day is just to stand by the elephants and just hold their trunks (laughs). I love elephants and I find Africa fascinating and Botswana has a variety of experiences there… so hopefully one day, I’ll go to Africa.

Cover- Issue 2-2018-TW-Website

“Joy Spence, Appleton Estate’s Master Blender and the World’s First Female Master Blender (of a global brand) with more than 20 years of experience, was awarded the honour of the Order of Distinction (OD) in the Rank of Commander (CD) by the Government of Jamaica in recognition of her contribution to the promotion of Jamaica’s rum industry and Brand Jamaica globally. The Order of Distinction (OD)is a national order in the Jamaican honours system conferred upon citizens of Jamaica who have rendered outstanding and important services to Jamaica, or to distinguished citizens of a country other than Jamaica.”
– The RumHowler Blog –