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Ladies Guide: A Bold Step Towards Financial Independence

My sisters, do you want to step boldly on to a new path towards your financial independence?


Karen made the most mouth-watering pastries and had dreams of opening her own business, but sat on the idea for years instead, meanwhile, her friend Joan’s dream of becoming a lawyer dulled with each passing year. After another one of their heart-to-heart conversations they admitted that if they did not “step boldly” now, they probably would never achieve the financial independence they desired. The big question however was how would they ever afford their dreams?

Stepping into your dreams may just be easier than you think. To achieve your dreams, you may need to invest and/or borrow towards your financial independence, using JMMB Her Wealth, a suite of financial solutions geared towards women. Please ask yourself these questions, and be assured that JMMB will help you to make the necessary calculations and find the right solution.

  • How much does my goal/s currently cost?
  • How long would it take me to save the required funds?
  • What is the projected rate of inflation for that period?
  • When inflation is factored into the cost of my goal, how much will it cost me in the future?
  • Can I afford to put my dreams on hold for that period of time?
  • Can I afford the monthly repayments if I took a loan?
  • Will my enhanced income (from new qualifications/ skills or business) compensate me for interest I would have paid on the loan?

Take the Bold Step

After a FREE JMMB Goal Planning Session, these are the life transforming steps made by Joan and Karen.

Although Joan did not like loans, JMMB showed her that postponing her law degree for several years, while she saved towards the tuition, delayed her opportunities for increased income for several years too. She did the “math” and it was cheaper to pay interest on an education loan than to forego several years of enhanced income. She therefore, opted for a loan from the JMMB Bank. Now she is financially ready to step boldly into her first law class.

Karen was concerned about the strain a loan could put on her new business and personal savings. Her JMMB advisor therefore suggested that she save towards a portion of the start-up capital in the JMMB Her Wealth investment, which is projected to earn between 7.3% and 11.6% over the next 3 -5 years. She could then borrow the rest of funds needed from the JMMB Her Wealth suite of business loans. Now, she is several steps closer to bringing “Pastry Palace” to life and having her financial independence, while living her dream.

What do you want to achieve? The JMMB Her Wealth complete financial package maybe the perfect solution for you to step boldly towards your financial independence.

To get started towards your financial independence, give a JMMB representative a call at 1-876-998-5662.


Black-Owned Beauty Brand: The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

The Afro Hair & Skin Co. is an independent afro beauty and wellness business located along the beautiful English coast. We are dedicated to creating truly organic and natural products carefully crafted by hand, using fresh natural, and locally sourced ingredients that will feed your skin and hair with all the goodness necessary to blossom and be truly healthy.



WIE Conference A One-Of-A-Kind Experience

The hearts of more than 500 women gushed with happiness last Thursday and Friday at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston as entrepreneurs and professional women engaged in days of empowerment at the Women In Energy Conference, put on by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS).

While a lot of energy talks were expected, the conference embodied much more than words of motivation to women in the energy industry. The discussions provoked thoughts on the spirituality, mind, body, and careers of women, looking to balance and have confidence in their movement towards greatness.

With more than 30 speakers to share their experiences and perspectives on commitment, taking risks and facing fears, the conference was nothing short of influential and uplifting for the women and men in attendance.

Day one saw scores of women registering, mingling with and listening to professional women share their knowledge on living out loud and unlocking purpose and passion.


President and CEO of the JPS Kelly Tomblin set the stage with her interactive presentation on ‘Powering to the Next Level’, that advised women to let their light shine so that others are liberated to do the same.

“You are being called to be here, right now, there are no coincidences,” she stated.

Day two consisted of panel discussions, compelling presentations, and workshops that provided support for women from all walks of life.

This year’s staging created much impact as men came out to support and add their perspectives to the conversations.

“Me being here is primarily about supporting and embracing the women in our society. Women do a whole lot,” project engineer at JPS Patrick Cole told Today.

Vice-president of customer service and communications, Keith Garvey carried the baton and guided the all-male panel that focused on men’s perspective on gender and leadership. The panel which included Wayne McKenzie, CEO of Jamaica Energy Partners; Christopher Barnes, chief operating officer of RJRGLEANER Communications Group; Wayne Henry, director general of the Planning Institute of Jamaica; and Sam Abdalla, vice-president of Project Development, New Fortress Energy; engaged the audience, brought up several debates, sparked interest, and provided stimulating conversation.


After a day of challenges and real solutions, it was time to kick off the shoes and ‘boogie down’ with Sagicor’s brand experience and special projects manager, Alysia Moulton-White and DJ Sparks.

Moulton-White called for the women to let their hair down and strut their best-looking heels. She also had men showing off their best ‘pick up’ lines.

The day ended with vibrant performances by Tifa, B.E.A.M dance group, and Girl.