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We are inviting experts in a variety of lifestyle related fields to post content regularly on PANACHE Online by joining our network of bloggers and columnists.

Contributors can choose the area of focus that they wish to write about from any of our content areas of focus. Contributors will be free to write without editorial micromanagement of the process.  Contributors’ posts will be subject to review in keeping with the terms outlined in our Contributor Agreement.

Our network will include professional journalists as well as persons from non-journalistic backgrounds including business leaders, entrepreneurs, bloggers, social influencers and other subject experts.

Benefits of joining our network:

  • Credibility- Build your personal brand and reputation and add credibility to your professional profile through affiliation as a contributor to PANACHE Magazine.
  • Exposure- Get your writing into a major publication and drive exposure for yourself and your interests.
  • Audience- Top performing contributors with content that is consistent, engages with the audience and attracts traffic and builds a loyal audience may have their works published in or may be invited to write for our quarterly PANACHE Magazine.
  • Training- Receive monthly webinars to improve skills in communication, grammar lessons, blogging and writing as part of your personal training.
  • Access- Media Passes to key events for coverage. It can also open the door for other opportunities such as paid speaking engagements with conferences, media houses etc.
  • Network– you will have access to our growing network of contributors to collaborate with via our contributors’ group on LinkedIn.
  • Editing – Although we ask for the first-use privilege per our contributor’s guidelines, we are happy to return your work to you — professionally edited and ready to publish on your website or blog — free of charge, and all you have to do is ask.


  • Arts and Culture: This section accepts ideas for reviews of the arts and culture.
  • Track & Field: This section accepts ideas for athlete profiles as well as reviews of Jamaica’s participation in track and field locally and globally.
  • Music, TV & Entertainment:  This section accepts ideas for celebrity profiles as well as reviews of the arts, music, TV, film and the web.
  • Beauty & Health: This section accepts queries for beauty and health feature pieces.
  • Fashion & Style: This section accepts queries for fashion trend, news and feature pieces.
  • Sex & Relationships: This section accepts queries for health news and trend reports, sex and relationships features, first person dating and relationship essays and recipes.
  • Food & Travel: This section accepts ideas for reviews of restaurants, hotels across the world.
  • Business: This section accepts ideas for business profiles.
  • Personal Essays: This section accepts queries for first-person essays that are rich in anecdote and explore some aspect of your emotional life, relationships or culture.
  • News: This section accepts queries for opinion pieces, profiles of people in the news and reported stories on current events.
  • Money & Power: This section accepts queries for personal finance, career and home articles and feature stories.
  • Feature Articles/ Personal Growth: This section accepts queries for long-form features on topics of general interest to readers, preferably timed to events currently unfolding in news or on the cultural landscape.

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